Faculty Commons, A Center for Teaching, Learning, Scholarship, and Service coordinates all professional development, grants, and assessment activities of faculty at New York City College of Technology. Faculty Commons adopts a programmatic approach to professional development and operates as a faculty resource and think tank where members collaborate on a variety of projects to shape curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment.

Soho Memory

Created a poster for the event The Soho Memory Project hosted by Professor Hellman. The process for Soho Memory was to show nostalgia hence the warm tones in the illustrations. On one side would be the older buildings and the other would be the new buildings.

Science Fiction VideoCard

Created a video card and a poster for Science Fiction Symposium Access and Science Fiction by Professor Porter. For the Science Fiction poster, the goal was to represent diversity and welcome all to science fiction. The idea is that anyone can become a superhero regardless of race, gender, etc.