I finished my work for Professor Hellman with Philip as my mentor. Everyone was very nice and insightful with their suggestions and I appreciate the long-distance I’ve come as a graphic designer. In this project, I learned that I should communicate frequently with my mentor and do my best to give out updates as soon as something happens so that they are aware I am still working on things. I also learned various things such as dimming down something is not the way to go. I should play around with color more and always give everything headspace and room as I would with my illustrations. I enjoyed this project very much! I only had one professor and one mentor to communicate with here. It was a successful meeting since Phil helped me create a timeline since I wasn’t too sure what to ask.

This is the poster finished working on with Professor Porter, Professor Ellis, and Professor Kwong. The theme is science fiction and access. My mentor is Or and she has helped me greatly with the suggestion of adding a stargate, the ramp as well as font options. Prof Biehl suggested that I had put Access and science fiction in the stargate and also helped me fit the text in. So far I am enjoying my time here at Faculty Commons since I feel like the suggestions I receive are very clear unlike some of the classes I’ve taken here at City Tech. I communicated with a mentor as well as three professors, it was successful because Or was able to help me break the silence.

As a self-evaluation, I think I performed okay in this internship. I need to work on asking meaningful questions so I can avoid the silence in the meetings. Our internship doesn’t have many virtual events, we hold weekly meetings every week and I’ve met very skilled people and seen their works. In my internship, we work with Anai, Cherise, June, and I had a mentorship opportunity with Or and Phil. I really appreciated learning the alignment tool and clicking the corners of the boxes to readjust the size from Phil, and measuring the space between objects with shapes and using ctrl c, ctrl alt shift v, clicking on an image with ctrl and then ctrl x to cut shortcuts from Or. I also learned how to make the title stand out with color, size, and caps. The internship was amazing and I learned a lot.