Today I watched Annotate and collaborate: Streamlining online text reviews. In the adobe cloud, you are able to browse many resources, inspiration on Behance, and look for fonts. Within my work you can find your library of work, you can also find all the assets you have been using from colors to images and vector graphics. You can share this with your colleague so they can see the library. You are able to put images InDesign by pulling them from the creative cloud library, you may also search directly from the InDesign app. Afterward, you can invite people to share for review and add comments. When your teammate accepts the invitation it takes you to a browser view and you can comment on the InDesign document themselves. This saves time because people can review the already made comments to save time instead of the repetitiveness from chain emails to multiple people. They can resolve the comments as they go and it is all through the same URL. What I learned today is that there is an application similar to google docs specifically for designers. I think this is definitely useful and should be implemented in our current remote work and ongoing because sometimes it’s hard for some of us to receive auditory feedback and remember them. Or maybe students who are thinking the same things can try to come up with new feedback after reading the existing comments to get more variety and constructive criticism.