On Friday I attended a general ed meeting where there were many professors who presented their own projects and findings. I was invited to speak about my student success story about being an emerging scholar, and continuing my work in the summer with the recovery corps. Everyone was very supportive of each other and had many questions. When I presented I had my camera on and I talked about my process of creating visuals out of technical information. Not only was I able to understand soil mechanics but I was also able to draw it in comic form even though I had never taken narrative class ever at my time here at City Tech. I am proud of my results, and I will forever be grateful to my professors for inviting me to speak and work on this project. Thank you to Professor Guzman and Professor Woolley for supporting me and guiding me this far, and for providing me the opportunity to work at faculty commons. I will continue to strive to better myself as a student and as an artist.