After reading what I learned was that I should always try to face the camera as much as possible. I know this is a little difficult for me because of the space that I have to work with but in the future when I have my own studio I will keep that in mind. I agree that people should choose a non-distracting photo that isn’t too outdated. The photo I have on my zoom and LinkedIn shows me when I was still going to school and was taken with a professional camera during photography class. I think smiling is a thing we all forget to do from time to time especially with zoom fatigue but I can say it really does make a difference. When I see my professors smiling even when they are explaining the content of the course it makes me feel like I am in the right place and it is a safe spot. I find it difficult to smile when nervous especially if I am presenting, appropriate clothing is something I have always considered. I try to wear clothing with no patterns and words when I appear in meetings. I think the most important part of this reading that I would like to work on is not staying too long in meetings. Not because I do not enjoy the company or being in those meetings, but sometimes when the agenda has been discussed it would be nice if I could immediately start working on the items. But I find it really hard to end a meeting so that it does not seem abrupt.