Today I recalled how to print a booklet out via InDesign as well as how to properly decorate a poster. When given a video such as SoHo memory we took screenshots of buildings but also items related to the topic such as her pop-up museum. At first, I only had buildings but my mentor Philip taught me I can increase the size of my poster to tabloid and make my poster into a corkboard and pin my building illustrations on the side. Another thing that I learned is that I should stick to what my client expects and if there is a really great idea I should also include that in my second round of posters. Also rendering everything equally is important. It was a little awkward that I had my camera incredibly rendered, but since I was working in real time some of my recent pictures were a little bit more rushed. I appreciate the mentoring relationship I am building up since I usually struggle with getting input on graphic design compared to illustration and I’m excited to work with the rest of the team. I didn’t realize how much time my illustrations but with time constraints sometimes you have to make compromises with the object so I went with simpler shading.