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This is our discussion page for week five (10/5/17). Once you complete the why/how/what of your project (finishing the in class writing, about one page), compose two paragraphs below about the “so what” of your project.

Why should it be the project you choose?

What is compelling about it?

What makes it worthy of your efforts and you the right person to push it forward?

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  1. Ope

    This project addresses many problems, one main one is the lack of being notified. This is a solution to people saying “I was never notified,” or “I didn’t know.” Because now you have an opportunity to get information been needing, and also support by giving informative info as well. What is compelling about it? What makes this project so compelling is that My neighborhood, an app that gives you the information about your area, through the zipcode. Most people are not aware of what’s going on in the neighborhood, such as, new stores, what to eat, schools, the good and or the bad of the neighborhood, ratings on the neighborhood like is it safe, and nearby events, transportation. Its great for people moving in, and or people wanting to know what’s going on lately.
    What makes it worthy of your efforts and you the right person to push it forward? What makes this worthy is that I hope to see everyone being engaged in the neighborhood. Too many times when things are happening in front of people, they don’t know whats going on until it’s too late. People are not into their phones now, so here’s another way to have people be more productive. I hope to gain a business mind set.

  2. Tsz Liu

    A lot of cat owners have the problem of an over populated house with cats. A female cat can give birth to 2-3 litters by the end of each year and that is too much for a regular working class owner to support. Having one cat is fine but what about having six to ten cats? Owners who cannot afford supporting that many cats would end up giving up cats. Our household had this problem when I was small, we do not even have the knowledge that there are affordable spay/neuter programs. My mom’s coworker told my mom that there is this mobile clinic that offers free spay/neuter, but the coworker gave a very vague address and we ended up just driving somewhere far and it was pointless. Then, we concluded that the program was fake all together. At the end, the population of cats in our house got out of control and we were forced to leave the pregnant mother cat in an unknown neighborhood. It is not a fun thing to do because we like our cat, but we did not have a choice. I have a few friends who did the same thing for the same reason, too expensive, and that is how stray cats starts. Of course there are other reasons to why people throw cats out on the streets. For example, a family is moving and the house does not allow pets, or the cat is too aggressive to have as a pet. But this amount does not account for the amount of unwanted cats created by controlled breeding. There are so many homeless cats each year that die from
    euthanization because there is simply not enough room in the shelters. Therefore, as a responsible owner, it is important to get your pet cats neutered/spayed.

    There are programs that are cheap, like ASPCA, but they have a limited amount of pets they are taking and the website is in English only. Only people who know English will know this offer. It will exclude those who does not know English, which is a good amount of people in USA. They do not have the knowledge of those programs, like my family when I was younger. They should have a chance to neuter/spay their cats because no one like to give up their pets. There should be a site where they provide information for all languages and new programs that will take in more pets, ASPCA only take in 25. It will help the owners and the cat community to have a lower amount of new kittens every mating season.

  3. lilli

    This project means a lot to me, but that is probably a pretty boring and uninteresting reason which does little to convince anyone this project deserves a chance. There is a hole in the political market in the US for information. I think this is why so little of the population cares to or knows when to vote. There is also a lack of news which tries to be non-partisan or which does not highlight news based on the rise of extremism of the left and right. This leaves the majority of people who are moderate feeling lost. Meanwhile there is the new threat of Russian bough ads and websites designed to cause strife and further divide the US. While there is no such thing as completely objective reporting as even the choice of story will reflect the journalist’s point of view, I can hope to provide a trustworthy service which focuses on verifiable sourced information with which the public can make up their own minds with. I feel this service is compelling because there hasn’t been anything like it before and it should be given a chance, even if it fails, to see if the public responds to it. If even one more person in the US votes because they receive an alert over twitter from this service it will have been successful.

    There are tons of good ideas out there and the majority go unrealized because they are just not feasible. This idea is not a particularly large undertaking, as it deals with information readily available over the internet and using API’s perhaps to display that data in a scalable and easy to read and use format. This coupled with email/twitter/instagram/imgur or other social media alerts and pages which involve people in an easy to consume format make the project relatively simple to execute. The biggest time constraint will be the initial build, and then there will be updates necessary when voting info needs to be updated and candidates change. I think just going for it and seeing what happens is also an important step. the information is there and accessible. I have the knowledge to build a web page, I think I just need to start.

  4. Edward Castillo

    The project that I have chosen is an idea, that will come along within the future. We are living the year 2017, and everything is with computers. On our everyday lives, we are using some type of technology to use on our everyday lives. My project “Build a PC Kit” will allow many people to understand what is a PC?, but also how to build one. How to actually understand how PC have gotten build before and the understanding of it. What each part means and knowing that if you build your own PC, its cost effective. It will allow many people to save money, if they are on a tight budget.

    What makes this compelling , is the fact that it will allow more people to join the technology field. If you think about it, A PC has different type of components in order for it to function. Look at our smartphones, how does it function? Well, it needs a battery, a screen, a processor, ram. Majority of what i said, it’s part of building a laptop. So just knowing how to build your own PC, what happens if the person that doesn’t know anything, actually goes into this field of technology. And start to build so many desktops and putting things together. They can even make there own business if they wanted to. Just by knowing what part is for what. This field will even open the doors , if they wanted to do IT Support or just get a A+ Certifications.

    With my effort of pushing this project, I can do my very best to make this idea expand to a better idea. Having a team of four or five members just working together and making it work. I personally have experiencing of building a PC from scratch, so just teaching others wouldn’t be a problem. This idea is based off teaching and selling this idea. That’s the whole idea of building a PC Kit.

  5. king

    I chose this project, because I think it will benefit myself and a lot of other people, being able to create an app that will help people around the globe to be able to communicate easily, especially when they speak different language. At first, it was hard for me to think about what project what project to write about in this class, it looks me weeks after weeks to be able to figure out what kind of project to write about, but doing some research, I decide to do a project about an app that will be able to help people around the world to communicate easily.
    I think this app will be very interesting, because I think not only people around the world will enjoy but business owner will enjoy it, basically, it will help people and business around the world to be able to communicate better and understand each other. For example, let’s say two business from different countries wants to communicate one speak German and the other speak French in order for them to communicate they have to both hire a translator in order for both to communicate and that will cost money for both business but with the app it will help both of the business and also it save them money. Basically, to make this project successful it will take me weeks of weeks of research and also, I will have to work with other member of the technology major, because I think it’s important to take other people advices like they say.

  6. Jameliah Crick

    The project that I’ve mean a lot to me because I am an International Student. International Students in CUNY have difficulty finding jobs while attending school. They are only limited to CUNY jobs or companies that have partnership with CUNY. Annually, New York City College of Technology (City Tech) celebrates the diversity of our student population from around the world, representing over 148 countries. The challenge comes when there are no open vacancies for these students. Whenever there are open vacancies, the students have to compete against American Citizens who do not have limited options when finding a job.

    I would like to create an App that gives International Students not only of City Tech, but also of CUNY preference over these CUNY related jobs. When Applying for jobs on CUNY, the first thing you have to do is enter your EMPL ID number. By using this when you enter your EMPL ID as an International student, the company of CUNY Office will receive your application first and you would be able to get early review and response from the company or office. This would affect many of our diverse students who experience financial/ Economic hardship during their stay in the USA.

    What makes this compelling is the fact that, this will give International Students a fair chance of getting a job (part time/ full time). The would be able to support themselves better, whether transportation , food, rent and bills.
    This is worthy of my efforts because I am an International Student facing these challenges and I believe that I am the right person to push this forward because it is a personal problem for me and I believe in the saying “Who feels it, knows it”.

  7. Ariz Lezama

    I personally have two different ideas but the idea I’m going with is Home device connect to Internet of Things. The reason why I’m choosing this project is because technology now a days is always changing. There devices that can simply connect to an app or to a device. The problem with that is sometimes you may more than one app controlling multiply things. It will be great be able to connect everything to one app or one device. That is my project purpose. It will convenient that all your sensors and devices around the house be control thru one remote control or app. It will be a universal controller. It will worthy idea to have the simple things done in one controller or app instead of having multiply of the controller. I will be the right person for it because currently right now I’m studying the different sensors use around the world. I have also studied some coding and there is a lot more study about. I also practice with an Arduino programing code and kit. I’m capable of making this project work.

  8. Ram

    I choose this project because I think it’s a good idea and will be a good project for this amount of money. It will be successful too in the future. I love technology especially computers. My project is about teaching coding and Microsoft Offices. This project is helpful for everyone especially immigrants because what we usually see that people who have Master Degree in Computer programming and other degrees, they come here and start doing college. Consequently, they can’t finish because of household maintenance or stop coming to college after trying for while. But our project for everyone, foreigners, and American. We will train them in very effectively in a short time but at the same time, they will learn more.

    Even though we see many different tech centers like code foundry, or code farm, where people usually go and get trained but as a result, they just get a certificate after finishing the course. They are not perfectly trained or they didn’t how to work with real-world coding like decoding, debugging and etc. And also, we will train them with real interview questions and how to answer them with confidence. But many of other tech centers don’t do that. As I mentioned, in my project that we will have highly professional trainers, who really know what are they doing.

    So, what compelling is that I want to see people who love computers and want to do something in life like other professionals then why not. From my experience, I have seen so many people, who have the master degree in computer engineering and science but haven’t become anything in life. Although, some are from different countries and some are from here. I think it is important that they should do something after all they spent so much time to finish their bachelors and master. So, I really care about it.

    I, personally, love computer otherwise, there would be no conversation about a computer at all. I am majoring in Computer Programming and it is very demandable nowadays. I can do it and it will be successful. We are starting with the very small amount of money but I know that big thing has the very small beginning.

  9. Damali

    I want to propose an idea that can change kids lives. I want to open up a community center where kids can participate in sports and activities for free. When I was younger, I always wanted to do karate, dance or play a musical instrument. I would ask my mom and she always told me no because she couldn’t afford it. She felt bad, that she was depriving me from great opportunities and so did I. When I got to jr high school, I was part of a free afterschool program where they had different free sports/ activities for kids. One of the activities was Double Dutch. I was very familiar with the sport, so I joined. My mom and I were so thankful for that program at my school. She never had to spend the money that she never had and I got to be part of a team. I want to do the same for other kids. I want to be able provide a free program where kids can participate in sports or activities.

    What makes this idea so compelling is the fact that I’m supplying kids with something that they’ll love, a free community center. Children will be able to play basketball, soccer, dance or football for free. Their parents will also be happy because they don’t have to worry about spending a dime. These kids will not only be playing and having fun, but they’ll be gaining more knowledge about their bodies and how to keep themselves healthy. I want to promote healthy eating to prevent the most common disease in kids, obesity. I want to be able to lower their risk of getting this disease by letting them eat right, making sure they have stable weight and making sure that they keep up with their healthy eating.

    I think I’m worthy to push this project forward because I have a passion for children. I want to help them so they can become better people. This is something that can benefit them in the long run. Building this center or just having this free program can expand their minds, which I would love. I want to them to strive for greatness. My love for kids alone will motivate me to make sure that this project of mine comes true.

  10. Aaron D. George

    We are living in a world where people use wired electricity, whether if it is to charge their phones, watching television, using the toaster to toast bread, using a desktop computer, etc. Sometimes, the power cord can be in people’s way, and they have to step over it, or sometimes, they can trip over. Have you ever imagined watch TV without the use of a power cord? And no, I’m not talking about a TV with a large battery. The project that I came up with is wireless electricity in homes, schools, businesses, etc. What I mean when I say “wireless electricity in homes, schools, etc.” is a building without any power outlet, where people can still do what they have to do like use a desktop, charge their phones and watch TV. What makes this compelling is the way it works. How it works is that there would be an electric source embedded into the walls of each building. This power source creates a magnetic field from the earth, which transmits power to other devices, which causes those devices to power up. There can be some devices that can support this technology.
    What makes this technology worthy is me hoping the people get a scene of what this technology is capable of doing. The wireless electricity can save them from danger. One main example of electrical danger is people getting electrocuted by playing with the outlet, especially when lightning strikes. People also don’t ever have to worry about power outages when a transform blows and paying electricity bills.

  11. Dennis

    I choose to build a custom prototype computer monitor for this project because to begin with it is a good way to put my engineering knowledge that I’ve gained through my college and working experience to use. With the classes being held in room 716 being very program intensive having a monitor screen that has the capability to display in good quality and match the speed of the desktop while having a reasonable screen size will speed the process in which students get their work done. With the budget of six thousand, I believe this project is doable; the budget should be enough to build at least 7 working prototypes.

    What is compelling about this prototype monitor is that since it’s going to be a custom build there will be many possibilities of ways to make it, it doesn’t have to function, perform or look like every monitor out there today; basically, I could add my own touch to it. It may be a monitor for a computer but it doesn’t mean it can be used with only desktops, with an HDMI cable support it will be capable of being used on more devices such as a second screen for another computer or laptop. The most compelling aspect of this project is the fact that you get to have a good quality screen that can display your whole program such as LabVIEW and feel no lag when working on a big project.

    I feel I am the right person for it because I have the knowledge and experience fixing and I’m proving laptops and computers already, I am not saying I am a professional capable of building it by myself without doing some research but my past knowledge and experience will come in handy for this project. As a person who frequently uses a computer or laptop for work or other this project is worth the effort because there’s a very little to no failure rate to get the job done, it’s not exactly a new technology that I have to wonder about how to start it and if it will work or not. Computers have existed for many years now and there are many free resources out there that could guide even people with almost zero knowledge about computers to be able to build their own. By managing the budget really well I believe the components to build the monitors can be obtained at reasonably cheap prices while still producing an overall good quality prototype project.

  12. Khan

    There are several reasons behind my project selection. Some of them are, it is a small budget project where I need the minimum investment but it has the potential of maximum profit for a small and medium enterprise (SME). Next, due to its simplicity to set up a business and just a few thousands of dollars are required to start it will be easier to find an investor because it’s risk assessment would be pretty easy. Finally, it is so small to set up that I can run my own business from my home which will save both my time and cost. It also has a potential of running a consultancy business simultaneously.

    Home Automation is such a project which has focused our daily necessities in our busy day to day life. We are so very busy in our daily life that we are multitasking almost everywhere. Home Automation’s main focus point is highlighting our basic needs at home after an exhausting day at our workplace. We are so busy at our job that sometimes we forget about ourselves and our basic requirements to keep ourselves optimum level for our professional life.
    Therefore, Home Automation has enlightened the shadow requirements of our busy daily life. It is giving us the opportunity to organize our post job time by just few tapping on our smartphone screen and save some time to take rest and spend some time with family, friends and loved ones.

    Home Automation has the potential of more than 50% profit margin. It also has the potential of becoming multimillion dollar business from a small SME like WhatsApp. We are overlooking our daily necessities giving preference to our job. Home Automation has focused that point now it is just a matter of time to manufacture and market the product.
    I have always dreamt of my own business rather than looking for a 9-5 job. Moreover, it gives me the joy and pleasure of design and manufacture a complete product than working on part of a product. It is also a kind of project in which field I have work experience. Only I myself can complete the manufacturing part without anyone’s help. Since I have started thinking about it I did my market research, customer survey even part prototyping to evaluate my research on budget and expenditure.

  13. tyannherve

    The first idea i have is a black box similar with the one we use in the plane to investigate when the plane crash and connect with an app to manage the data.
    Why this idea?
    I had this idea because i noticed there many deaths caused by accidents. In fact vehicles do not kill but it is the way we use it improperly which cause damages. The black box can help police to investigate what on what happened before and after the accident. So it will record everything has be done by the driver. I also planed to add some features to help driver in order to avoid accident. The project is also for insurance companies to help them to know the context of the accident.
    How you are going to do it?
    I will work with a team where each of us is responsible for a specific task. To conceptualize my project i will recruit a developer to implement the application which will control the whole system. I need to also work with a mechanical student who has a certain experience to build a mechanical box connected to the engine.
    I will build a black box capable to record what we do in the car and what we say. I will also incorporate digital sensors to recognize our gestures and will able to help us if we have any trouble. The sensor will be also capable to know if we get drunk and make a signal directly to the police. The box will be connect to the satellite to give us the number of the car on the road with their positions and their speed.
    What make the idea compelling?
    The idea is worthy because is important for our safety. Users do not need anymore to fear of driving. They have an assistant to help them if they have issue such accident. Investigators can know many things about the drivers if they need to. My idea has the possibilities to give every information in detail that mean nothing has to be decrypted by by insurances or police.

  14. Diku.sherpa

    1. Why should it be the project you choose?
    The reason I chose this project is that handicrafts businesses are one of the major roles in the employment sector in Nepal. The other reason is I grew up in Nepal; I have deep knowledge of the lifestyle of the craftsmen of Nepal. I am looking for such a sector having the most contribution to the country’s development.

    2. What is compelling about it?
    Handicrafts business is one of the most important and largest employment sectors in the Nepal economy. Due to the lack of technology, Nepal is far behind in handicrafts development. Technological advancement in handicrafts is, therefore, one of the major concerns in Nepal. So, my goal is to introduce modern equipment (Hand Operated Jewelers Roller Mill rolling mill jewelry making tools with gear Jewelry making tools and machine, Jump Ring Maker, Ring Bender, Bench Shear) which focused on improvement of handicrafts through new technology.

    3. What makes it worthy of your efforts and you the right person to push it forward?
    I choose Nepal as my targeted user base since it is an underdeveloped country and technology has not yet been advanced in all sectors there. There are few imperative reasons to target craftsmen of Nepal for my project. And two of the reasons are:
    • A small budget is sufficient enough to implement such a small-scale project in Nepal.
    • Handicrafts businesses are boosting in Nepal due to the uniqueness of the design and
    it cost cheaper while exporting to the other country like the USA

  15. Tahir

    There are so many behind my this project. The most common reason that I can find so far is that it is unique and never have been created before. Also, I came from an underdeveloped country where energy crises is still a huge issue. That is why when I was young; I always wanted to produce an efficient, effective and cheap source of electricity. I believe that Temperature Crystal Power Batteries will become one of the solution to this energy crises also It will become a huge impact in the advancement in technology as well.
    I studied science subjects when I was in eighth grade. In 10th grade, I studied Principle of Electrical Energy, which boosted my interest in the production of electrical energy. I wanted to gain more knowledge in electric power production, so I joined a technical college where I did my Diploma of Associate Engineer in Electrical Technology. I also learned about crystals and power development in the technical college which I thought could be one of the efficient way of power generation. I also have one year of practical experience as an Electrical and Electronic Technician and currently doing my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering Technology where I did most of my researches in power generation. Therefore, I have theoretical knowledge and practical experience of controlling and handling of electric and electronic devices. So that is why I consider myself as a right person to make it possible.


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