English 1101

Tamia Jones


“Hers” Assignment


Klass is a part of the Doctor community. An example of a whole new language that she had to learn is in the text when it says “I started out in a state of primeval

innocence, in which I didn’t even know that ”s C.P., S.O.B., N/ V” meant ”without chest pain,

shortness of breath, or nausea and vomiting.” In this Klass is showing how she doesn’t understand this new language and environment that she’s in. Afterwards she lets us know what it means while also reiterating to herself what it means. Throughout this journal essay I realized that it’s not just a language but more of a lifestyle and Klass shows that throughout the essay. The more you read the more you notice how Klass begins to change her way of speaking and her approach about the language. One community that I’m a part of is the Black women community. A language in the black women community that’s very prominent would be AAVE. I learned this language by being around my people. As a black woman a specific phrase that sticks out to me the most is “angry black women”.