Project 3 Proposal

Write a brief project proposal for Project 3. Identify which assignment you will repackage (Project 1 or Project 2), the new genre you will choose, and the target audience! Be prepared to share these proposals with the class on Wednesday!

  1. Which project will you repackage and WHY? Project 1 or 2?
  2. Choose your intended audience. Who is it going to be. Choose from one of these 5 options! Fourth graders, City Tech Freshmen, New York City Council members, Your grandparents or older relatives, or Activist groups (like BLM or LGBTQIA+ Youth, etc.).
  3. Choose a genre. What genre will you choose for your multimodal text? Remember it has to be one that lends itself well to creating a multimodal text!Think carefully about your message, who you hope hears the message and what is the best way to present that message to that specific audience. What is your message? How do you want your audience to respond (do you want them to change the way they think, act, etc.)?  What is the best genre to reach your targeted audience?