Here is the calendar and our class schedule


Unit 1:


Class 1A 8/29:

Class 1B 9/2:

9/9- Submit  Education Narrative outline to Openlab

Class 2A 9/12:

Class 2B 9/16:

9/21 Submit Education Narrative (2 pages) to Blackboard.

Class 3A 9/26:

Class 3B 9/30:

Unit 2:


Class 4A 10/3:

Submit the final draft of the Education Narrative and Part One of reflection by 10/3 to Blackboard.

Class 4B 10/7:

Class 5A 10/10:

Class 5B 10/14:

Class 6A 10/17:

Class 6B 10/21:

Class 7A 10/24:

Class 7B 10/28:

First draft of Bibliography assignment due (2 sources) to Blackboard.

Class 8A 10/31:

Class 8B 11/4:

Final draft of the Bibliography assignment due by 11/4 to Blackboard.

Class 9A 11/7:

Class 9B 11/11:

Part two reflection submit by today to Blackboard by 11/11 to Blackboard.

Class 10A 11/14:

Proposal and  Outline for your New Genre assignment posted to Openlab. Submit both by 11/17

Class 10B 11/18:

Unit 3:

New Genre

Class 11A 11/21:

Class 11B 12/2:

First draft (2 pages) of New Genre paper and submit to Blackboard by today 12/2.

Class 12A 12/5:

Class 12B 12/9:

Submit the final draft of New Genre paper and Part three of reflection (with Part one and two) by today to Blackboard 12/9.

Class 13A 12/12:

Class 13B 12/16:

Class 14A 12/19:

Hand in Portfolio

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