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Visual Quote

This quote is from a poem I wrote for black history month. It saying how black people are viewed in society when it reality we are all the same. People judge based on race or color of skin. Those don’t exist to me. we all one race the human race and just because our color is different doesn’t make us different. We all have inner spirit and the outside flesh doesn’t define who we are. Some people only see the color of skin when there is so much more beyond the surface.


This quote is a bible verse, coming from the book of Pslams chapter 119 verse 11.  I’ve been raised in church all of my life but I recently committed to God and I read my bible almost everyday now and this is one of my favorite scriptures. As a christian we not only have to read the bible but we also have to keep it in hearts so we can fight against sin and temptation. Anybody can just read the bible but you actually have to live it and follow the instructions that God has given us.


This a well renown quote. “Music is food to the soul”.  It basically says that music feeds you inner being. No matter who you are or where you com from music can speak to you. Everyone loves music, there would be no life without music. Music has the ability to make you happy and make you want to move your body,  or it can make you sad and want to cry. Some music has mix of many different emotions. But all together it still connects to your soul in many different ways.