Week 10

Exam 2 – Today


  • You must use one of the lab computers.
  • Please log in to Blackboard to take the test.
  • On the left-hand side menu click on the Exams link to find it.
  • Only one window/tab open allowed:
    • DO NOT use INCOGNITO mode.
    • DO NOT visit any other website during the test.
    • DO NOT open any other app during the test.
  • Press F11 to go to FULL screen mode.
  • You may navigate questions by clicking on the “Question Completion Status” link.
  • Please put away all electronics devices, notebooks, backpacks, everything from your desk.
    • Scratch paper is allowed.
  • You will have 1 required attempt, and 1 optional attempt
    • The highest grade of all attempts will be counted.
    • Once the class period is over exam must be finished and submitted even if there is time remaining from the optional attempt.
  • Once you finish call the professor to check the PC.

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