Four-Bar Linkage Homework temp

This helps answer for a number of Test Questions

Basic Homework Question is related to this

The Bottom drawings show what we would like to obtain in sketch form for a homework question; prepare for the test by practicing

Four-Bar Linkage drawings of Extreme Left vs Extreme Right positions (top left sketch); showing scaling dimensions using centimeters rule(see two top right larger drawings of graph paper sketches) on ruler instead of inches

this temporary site location for hw practice for exam. Please try understanding AND answering BOTH computer-prepared printed sheets AND use my messy/sloppy graphing paper attempts on your own! Show me for some credit to test & use  as you were shown.. Do a search for Four Bar linkage on YouTube for ideas and helpful aids understanding certain basic principles like

Some Internet Research topics of interest Some Internet Research topics of interest item options Hide Details

Useful videos to watch (if you haven’t already): How Watts Straight Line Motion mechanism works :

Chebyshev’s Straight Line Linkage:

Kinetic art, Perpetual motion, Marble Machine:

7 Amazing Science Gadgets

Below is a sample link to a particular type of engines but look out for others on pumps, drives(like VFDs), motors (like brushless, stepper, servos), and applications for systems like incremental encoder, uchip on kickstarter, even just something that seems as simple as Hall sensors

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