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Image022 Image026 Image027 Image028 Image029 Image032 Image036Dear City Tech EMT 1150 L Student,

This is just an urgent reminder to immediately order/pick up &/or directly purchase your EMT 1150 L (Electrical Circuits Laboratory) Lab Kit # #32NYCDB150  at the earliest possible since the earlier you get it, the less stress and chance that they’ll run out of stock by the time you buy it(which should be avoided but can still happen due to putting off this requirement).  Please contact me if you have any trouble whatsoever with the orders online or with purchasing in person(better yet for quick obtaining).

If you choose to go online you can do so by typing the following web address/URL into your web browser blank field:
Then click on the tab/pane/heading button near the top center of the page (under where the college logo is) that says “BOOKS” then move your mouse pointer to select and click on “Textbooks & Course Materials”
Under the “Select by Course” drop-down option directly under “Select Your Program” navigate to/choose “NYCCT”
Under “Select Your Term” choose “FALL 2016”
Under “Select Your Department” choose “EMT”
Under “Select Your Course” choose “1150L”
Under “Select Your Section” choose “D394”
Then follow instructions to click and add the lab kit as one item to your shopping “cart”
Use good practice safety internet web browsing recommendations to enter in all required information and obtain any confirmation and keep a screenshot/save a picture of pertaining records (just in case)

Again preferably I recommend you simply visit the CityTech bookstore at the earliest convenience and way ahead before in advance of our next session on Thursday 9/1 at 2:30pm

Please also reply to all my email addresses I give you & CC: to (for faster response/disposition, etc.)


Prof. Henry LaBoy
Adjunct Lecturer
Computer Engineering Technology department
NYC College of Technology
V633 – CET / EMT Office
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201
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