Welcome to the EMT1111:Logic and Problem Solving course!  Here you will find information about course, such as, syllabus, schedules, policies, resources, and the latest announcements so you always know whats going on in the class.  I suggest you to register to the RSS in the announcements mini-blog to receive the messages automatically. Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.  Happy learning!


Prof. Robert Armstrong
Office: V623
Office Hours: Monday(4:00-6:00), Thursday (12:00-1:00), Friday (1:00-2:00)
eMail: rarmstrong@citytech.cuny.edu
Website: https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/members/rarmstrong/
Prof. Marius Constantin
Office: V627
Office Hours: Friday (12:00-1:00)
eMail: mconstantin@citytech.cuny.edu


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