• Homework:    25%
  • Labs:                   25%
  • Quizzes:           25%
  • Final Exam:    25%
  • Total:              100%
Score % < 60 60-69.9 70-76.9 77-79.9 80-82.9 83-86.9 87- 89.9 90- 92.9 93-100
Grade F D C C+ B- B B+ A- A


All email to the instructor is suggested to be from an academic email account. Using any other public email account may cause email loss or rejection. Please always include (EMT1111 and SECTION number) in the subject line of your email.


The course abides by the current CUNY Attendance policy. If for any reason you miss a class, it is your responsibility to review all the material covered in the class and to complete the corresponding reading and programming assignments.

In-class Expected Behavior

  • Students should show respect to each other and to the professor.
  • The use of phones for talking and texting during the class is prohibited. Please make sure you put your phone in silent mode or turn it off.
  • The classroom’s computer should only be used to work on the class projects and tutorials, to find information that allows you to either participate in class or to understand the concepts studied in class. Please refrain from accessing sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or playing games while in class.
  • Any activity that threatens the college academic integrity will result in disciplinary action.
  • Please refer to the Student Handbook and the Catalog of New York City College of Technology for a full listing of Student Code of Conduct, Classroom Behavior Guidelines, and Academic Integrity Rules.

CUNY Academic Integrity Policy

Students and all others who work with information, ideas, texts, images, music, inventions, and other intellectual property owe their audience and sources accuracy and honesty in using, crediting, and citing sources. As a community of intellectual and professional workers, the College recognizes its responsibility for providing instruction in information literacy and academic integrity, offering models of good practice, and responding vigilantly and appropriately to infractions of academic integrity. Accordingly, academic dishonesty is prohibited in The City University of New York and at New York City College of Technology and is punishable by penalties, including failing grades, suspension, and expulsion.