How to stop over consumption.

In order to reduce the number illnesses, injuries, casualties, and fatalities caused by alcohol, I’ve come to the conclusion that we can simply reduce the amount of alcohol being sold in stores. Let’s be honest there’s little to no chance of alcohol being banned in new York regardless of how much it damages the human body, or how much of a danger people become on the road behind the wheel. So the next best thing is to limit the amount being sold. If store owners that sell alcohol can accommodate to the chart below for how much alcohol one person has consumed/purchased, then they can literally save their life, and even other people’s lives.

In theory, people will have to use what will seem like a card that you will have to give to the cashier when you attempt to buy alcohol. This card will have you name and address and will have on record how much alcohol was purchased in the last 24 hours. if a certain limit is reached, you are not allowed to purchase any beer, liqueur, or any for of alcoholic beverage. for the next twenty-four hours.


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