Transparency and Layering

I selected these 3 pictures from the Cooper Hewitt collection because they show successful transparency and layering.The first image shows bunch of circles that looks like cells duplicating.The circles complement each other.The second photo is identical to the first picture when it comes to transparency and layering.The last image has a lot of art work within it,but it is strong in transparency and layering.

Project 1

In the process of making this project. I have learned to be more open to other suggestions. As I planned Ā out the steps,it was a good experience. I leaned a lot about symmetry/ asymmetrical shapes and balance.


This is one of the design i created for project #1 in class. This design made it to the final art work. I picked it because it has good balance and can easily be copied back to back.

This design was straight forward. It has good balance on both sides. I was able to change this design for the final art work.


This design was also part of the my final art work for project #1. This idea of this piece is to have everything sides evenly balanced and symmetrical, It wasn’t hard putting it Ā together.


I didn’t have a hard time looking up a designer with the works of art that interest me. I have been following mike perry Ā on instragram because of his art works. Mike combines colors to fit his personal abilities and way of thought. Mike’s art work is colorful and unique. Each of them represent his way expressongg himself. I think they’re pretty cool paintings and drawings.



As a Cuny student I am able to access certain perks/ discounts by showing my i.d. I selected discounts as one of my best student perks. I have found a list of stores Ā which participate in giving Ā college students discounts. Most of the stores are food , tech, books and clothing related.For example stores like Buffalo Wild Wings, apple, Barnes & nobles and Ā so much more.

Link to list :


It is important to start a design with thumbnail sketches because thumbnails allows you to prepare and visually plan out your ideas step by step.


My goal is to be a good designer.I’m taking this class because it is required. Manny works of art inspire me. From paintings to pictures and video games. For me Inspiration can come from anywhere. I work best in steps,planning out everything.Im open to any type of work.

The article “9-Inch Marble Statue Could Sell for $3 Million at Auction” was an interesting piece to me. The statue has a bizarre history ,which might indicate why it is so valuable.The Statue is from ancient turkey, around the time of 3000 to 2200 B.C.



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