The  introduction to vector works I had many complication with commands. Yet, Vector works has similar aspects in auto cad and many differences. Vector works are more for lighting aspect. McCullough taught use first the basic commands of vector works.


ON VECTOR WORKS we learn how ever design drawing in vector works we would need to create a design layer for ground plan and side view for a object. It technically similar to properties layout in Auto Cad. Yet, vector works it called organization which it has design layer, sheet layer,class, snaps, and view ports.

This image show how our ground plan is in view port ready to be painted. 

On the vector works we made the block top, front, right side i need to align my blocks layout and fix my dimensions. This was my first drawing for vector works.


On lab 10 

for the Lab  mounted light on the ground plan, indeed we need to create light design only. we also demonstrate how to put in order with color, class, circuit number , and light number.