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Swift Leadership The ERAs Way: Touring Life like Taylor Swift


Sterling Press

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A leadership book for young adults based on the inspiring work and success of Taylor Swift and her ERAs Tour

Target audience young adults

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Design from 99designs Design from 99designs

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Simple Detailed Modern Retro Luxury Casual Playful Serious Loud Quiet Feminine Masculine Pop Grunge Literal Abstract

Design needs

a eye-catcher with a legal graphical reference to Taylor in concert – font should be large and catchy similar to other young adult self-help / leadership / inspriational type books. I have attached snippet of other teen leadership books – I don’t love any of them but mine needs to fit the general genre so it fits in – but highlighting TAYLOR so it stands out

What to avoid

its for older young adults, so nothing childish or cartoonish – but graphical reflection of Taylor and success

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Book NY Times Seller.

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