My Role (BNY)

Graphic Designer

My role within external affairs at the Brooklyn Navy Yard may sound basic, simple or straight to the point when saying “I am a graphic Designer” but that is because most people either don’t know how much a designer does or is responsible for or even capable of but also Its not so much the position I am in but rather the department I am working in, which is external affairs at BLDG 292… My supervisor, Marie Nachsin, is the marketing direction who also handles with PR firm communications and works closely with me and the other employees there including another designer named Chantelle who also happens to be a City Tech student as well as a former CUNY Service corp member! I was lucky enough to be placed at the Navy Yard through the CUNY service corp not only because BNY was my first choice out of all the jobs that I interviewed with during the job fair that took place at John J college but also because it has been a great experience for me as I feel that I have grown both my skills and knowledge which includes professional experience..

A typical work day at the yard would usually include me coming from class and changing into my work attire (dress shirts, slacks and dress shoes) which I do carry with me in my backpack to my classes – and proceeding to my office where I check my outlook email to see my agenda for the day!


My office space