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Project 3, Planning

Beginning in our last class, you held a discussion to plan your collaborative podcast series. The memo describing your plans should have been written collaboratively. Each class member should copy-and-paste the memo into a comment to this post to demonstrate that everyone had access to the document and contributed to it.

Project 3, Planning

After everyone contributes to and is happy with the collaborative planning memo detailed in the step one of the assignment sheet, each student should copy-and-paste the memo into a comment on this blog post. Next week, we will pick up with each team member’s individual podcast episode.

Beginning of Class Writing: Chapter 7, Structure in Digital Storytelling

During the first ten minutes of today’s class, write a summary memo on the topics that stood out in your mind while reading Chapter 7, “Structure in Digital Storytelling” in Miller. There are rich descriptions of types of structures. Which of these can you think of examples of? We will discuss these after you’ve had a chance to write your memos and collect your thoughts.

Project 2, Execution Memo

During today’s class, begin writing a memo about your plan of action for filming and editing your YouTube video. Where do you plan to film? Who will be helping you? How will you be editing? We will reserve some time during our next class for me to help in any way needed to move your projects forward. Post your execution memo as a comment to this blog entry before our next class.