Archiving “Tim The Titan and The Killer Klovers”

To: Professor Ellis

From: Mariah Rajah

Date: 04/18/2016

Subject: HTML Project Reflection


This project was challenging in the sense that I have never worked much with HTML before. However, when I learned that it wasn’t as complicated as I thought it was I was able to create a project which I am quite proud of. At the beginning of the project when the concept was first introduced I found myself lost because I knew nothing much of HTML besides what I had practiced with back when was a thing. Since then, most of my websites I had not played around too much with the codes of backgrounds or anything or the sort. I just used preexisting, premade ones which worked out just fine for me until this project. With Professor Ellis, challenging us to create and use less premade functions I became quite frustrated until I found myself catching on what codes do what. By this step I was able to create and produce not only an immersive story but also a story that is participatory in my eyes. With time and more development I believe that these web pages can become a great component of my portfolio.

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