PTW Podcast Series: Public Speaking/ Stuttering by Jodieann Stephenson

Fear: A Look at Public Speaking in the Workplace

Pitch Description:

For this project, fear, being the overarching theme that unifies all the projects together, I will examine how my personal fears has lead me towards my current career path. In this podcast, I will focus on fear of speaking in professional settings. I have been suffering from stuttering from the tender age of five years old. I have feared speaking because of fear of ridicule from friends, classmates, bosses and even family members. Although, when many people look at me they would never associate stuttering to my “persona.” I struggle with stuttering and the fear of public speaking on a daily basis because not only do I stutter but I have horrible pronunciation. This fear is a constant battle for me which is why I chose a career in writing. Writing affords me a chance to say all the things I cannot verbally express— it’s freedom in the purest of sense.

My episode will focus on how I deal with stuttering and public speaking in a professional setting.

Title: Fear: A Look at public Speaking in the Workplace

Description: My hope for this particular segment of the podcast, is to shed light on the other parts of public speaking that no one sees, especially when everyone thinks you speak eloquently. In doing this podcast, it will bring awareness to the issue of stuttering, discovering confidence and just having the ability to say it.

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Originally starting out, this project was a unique chance to create a project that mattered with me and as well a subject that was dear to my heart. I really enjoyed exploring this top because it gave me a chance to probe a topic that hit close to home. Fear is something that we all encounter on a daily basis and for me public speaking is a constant fear of mine because I am afraid that I will stutter. Writing this podcast came naturally to me which was a nice feeling. I was able to discuss what inspires me and what was an important moment for me to reflect on how far I have come. In writing the podcast I fostered a motto which was “Don’t stutter, just talk,” this became my motivation for conquering my fear of public speaking. Public speaking and fear is a constant battle of mine but now more than ever I will never use it as an excuse anymore. Fear is never an excuse to not have a voice ever. While writing this podcast, I did realize that my audience was a key consideration for my podcast because they would be the ones who would interact with it and hopefully be inspired and appreciate it. I would say my least favorite moment was learning how to merge the files together via iMovie or GarageBand and Audacity. I am horrible when it comes to figuring out different softwares, this is one of my weakness. I tend to struggle with using softwares and I’m not good at using these new mediums. Additionally, although I struggled with this project, I really did enjoy talking about this topic. I like the podcast allows you the freedom to communicate with major audiences across a unique medium. I would love to do a unscripted podcast one day.

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