Jodieann Stephenson Presents: FRED Talks

This is a short fictional video inspired by TED Talk and I have recreated the organization FRED Talk. FRED Talk is a platform for discourse worth having. Started in 2016 as a class project where you can have a dialogue about various topics including business, technology, and professionalism. FRED is built on the foreground of sharing ideas across the seven seas. In this FRED Talk, presenter Naomi Dixon, renowned emotional intelligence subject matter expert shares her top 7 tips on emotional intelligence to becoming a good contributing citizen of society allows us to create a better tomorrow.






As I look back at the uniqueness of Project 2, I can’t help but think that in a matter of days I became a composer in the YouTube community. I was not only a participant but a composer, which I never imagined that I would ever be. One of the major challenges for this project was creating a unique fictional story around the subject of communication. When I wrote the script for the “FRED Talk” I wanted to be something useful, so I chose the topic of emotional intelligence because I thought it is something that everyone can work on. I wanted it to be timeless and useful. At my current internship, I became introduced to whiteboard video as a way to break down complex ideas into simple ones and I took a chance at creating my own video. Also, the reason why I choose to recreate a FRED Talk inspired by TED Talk is because I have dreams of one day working for the company. So this is a piece I could use as part of my portfolio for when I apply to TED. I want to show that I have a clear understanding of the goals and audience. Finally, after settling on a idea, scripts and storyboard I was ready to record the video. Looking back, I wished I had spent a little more time on perfecting the recording and editing of the videos. There were moments in my finished product that you could hear the video in other parts that it should not have been apart of the video.



Since the video has been up, it has received over 40 views. I posted the video via my personal Facebook and Twitter page in hopes to increase user engagement. Last week, I tweeted the video to TED Talk, and they read the tweet—fingers crossed they liked the video.


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