Weekly Writing Assignment, Week 11

This previous week, your team should have established a means of communication (e.g., text messaging, WhatsApp, Slack, Discord, etc.) in addition to campus email, and your team should have discussed and selected a problem as the topic of your team’s Research Report. If you haven’t done these things yet, it’s important that you take care of them ASAP so that you have as much time as possible to focus on the project.

After establishing team communications and picking your Research Project’s problem, your team needs to delegate how each team member should be conducting and reporting back their research contributions to the Research Report document in your Google Drive Shared Folder. As discussed in this week’s lecture, all team members might research both the problem and its solutions, or some team members might research just the problem and others the solutions. How you divide these responsibilities is up to each team as long as all team members are contributing equal amounts of research and writing to the Research Report.

For this week’s Weekly Writing Assignment, each team member should independently write a short memo of approximately 250 words and addressed to Prof. Ellis with the subject, “Research Responsibility,” that describing what research they will contribute/have found so far for the team’s research report.

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  1. TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: Matthew Rupchand
    DATE: 4/21/2021
    SUBJECT: Research Responsibility

    For our team project, we have decided to address the issue of cybersecurity in this new digital age. My responsibility for our project is to research the different types of implementations of cybersecurity that users can use to protect themselves on the web. While browsing through the IEEE Xplore webpage to find articles about the development of new cybersecurity measures, I found three articles that I believe bring to light how many different approaches users can take to protect themselves on the internet. Also to those three articles, I came across an article published by The Washington Post about how the U.S government plans to strengthen our government cybersecurity. Throughout these articles, they all share their ideas of how users such as you and I can protect our sensitive data such as credit card information and Social Security number from malicious hackers. Also with technology being integrated into such important parts in our house aka smart homes, it’s important to be knowledgeable about different ways that you can implement defensive protocols to prevent your home from being “attacked”. With this continuous rapid growth of technology, it is important that we, users, should stay up to date about new ways that we can implement new cybersecurity programs and protocols to ensure that our data stays secure away from hackers.

  2. TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: Tarin Sultana
    DATE: 4/28/2021
    SUBJECT: Research Responsibility

    As we discussed as a team, we have decided to address cybersecurity in this new digital age for our research project. Cybersecurity embraces preventing, data breaking, detecting, and encountering cyberattack that can have a broad-ranging impact on individuals, organization, on a community even at the national level. My responsibility for our collaborative project is to research the problem about cybersecurity that we are facing every day—for example, the background of cybersecurity, history, when, and where it first happens. Also, what challenges /threats are people dressing for cybersecurity attacks? The most common security concerns are data breach, malware infection, data theft, and so on. As I was researching cybersecurity problems, there was a bunch of information that I cannot skip to go over these because all are important. I found several cybersecurity threads to write on. Auguste Kerckhoffs is the father of computer security. Cybercrime began in the early 2000s when social media came across in our life. Also, I was looking at the city tech library to find articles related to cybersecurity attacks and problems. According to IT security experts, outsourcing would pose the greatest danger to cybersecurity. We need to take protection and prevention against cyberattacks/cybercrime.

  3. TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: Angela Hernandez
    DATE: 4/28/2021
    SUBJECT: Research Responsibility

    As a group, we will be addressing the issue of cybersecurity, the challenges and solutions we can implement in order to protect our data and ourselves from cyberattacks. My responsibility is to research the solutions we can implement in order to protect ourselves from the various way’s others can access our data. Much of the research I’ve done, I’ve done through the CUNY library database, specifically the research guide to find books and articles relating to cybersecurity. What I’ve discovered so far is that identity theft, fraud and ransomware are some of the most common cyberattacks in cyberspace. Some of the ways we as individuals can protect ourselves from these attacks is by using complex passwords, not sharing or reusing passwords and keeping software and operating systems up to date. It is also important to educate individuals about cybersecurity because a lot of users do not protect their data and information because they don’t know how to. Many aspects of our life revolve around data privacy when things like banking, insurance, medical, public health and government have shifted to online platforms, requiring us to share sensitive information about ourselves online. Our government also has a responsibility to enact laws that could help combat cyberattacks as well as providing funds to research cybersecurity to keep up to date on the latest trends in cybersecurity and cyberattacks. Governments have already enacted laws to combat cyberattacks from foreign cybercriminals but it is still a challenge to be able to identify cybercriminals and to extradite them. Many countries have different laws regarding hacking and cybersecurity.

  4. TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: Ralph Ayala
    DATE: 4/28/2021
    SUBJECT: Research Responsibility

    What I have found so far are articles related to the spread of misinformation. I have found my sources on IEEE Xplore. Each of these articles have a common understanding of using social media. However, it is about how this use of spreading misinformation is used in various ways in our everyday lives. People do state that fact checking information can be a good solution for this, but is it our only solution? There are so many ways misinformation can be spread that I hope to find a solution that could prevent one of those methods from succeeding. I picked these articles because I believe that describing such scenarios of misinformation could lead to a potential solution as to how we can stop it. There could even be a solution that involves the use of media, but to be honest I am not too confident if it is the best solution. What makes this problem serious is the fact that it can mislead information to readers. As of today, people are very dependent on social media to get information on the pandemic. It would be terrifying if someone was informed of the wrong information leading to them catching the virus. Misinformation could even cause financial issues to the reader if they are not too careful towards the attackers. My hope moving forward is our group coming together and determining how we can move forward with the project.

  5. TO: Prof. Jason Ellis
    FROM: Richard Rivera
    DATE: 4/21/2021
    SUBJECT: Research Responsibility

    My group members and I decided to tackle the evolving issue of misinformation spreading easily online. I decided to take the responsibility of finding the problems and addressing those exact problems with a variety of solutions that can be implemented to help stop the spread of misinformation. It is said that many people can do their own research and verify if the websites they check are accredited but not everyone does that. Some people just read from anywhere and believe it is true, which goes the saying “Don’t believe everything you see on the internet”. There are obviously websites where it has .org or .edu in the domain which can be trusted for valuable information but not everyone knows that. One of the solutions is in fact a fact-checker to be implemented everywhere where it redirects you to trusted authenticated websites, but this is clearly not the only solution. There are other ways such as seeking a professional of the topic for information and just for safety measures, you can always look for another professional to see if they say the same thing. Maybe one will give more information than the other to prevent this arising issue. If we use covid for example, I can easily contact my doctor or any doctor at all to ask questions that I may have about it if I wanted truthful responses. They would not tell me that a chip will be implanted in me or if it’s for some other false reason. They can even back up the information they have because they’re knowledgeable in this topic and if they do not know enough yet, they will say so. Another solution can be an app everyone can easily access through their phone which has no false information at all. All the data in the app can be gathering its info from a variety of trustworthy sources. What my group and I hope to accomplish with this assignment is to seek more solutions to prevent these issues from happening more frequently.

  6. TO: Prof. Jason Ellis
    FROM: Remonda mikhal
    DATE: 4/21/2021
    SUBJECT: Research Responsibility
    Our group members and Ime decided to tackle the evolving issue of misinformation spreading easily online. However they assigned me to do the discussion and the conclusion. Misinformation is false information that is shared with no intension of harm. , on the other hand, is false it is also shared with the intention of deceiving the consumer . This phenomenon also referred to as false or fake news, is acritical and current issue especially in the social media it can cause a lot of issue more over misinformation in the computer filed it could be hacker or various or misinform using or installing program and it will end up sadly of course it will destroy your data or the computer as well . on our research we will define the problem ,explain it and find solution to solve. Some of this solution is Use credible sources. Using credible sources is one of one of the content strengthens to the message, but which ones should we choose to use . we can also do some research and read some feed back from others its very useful especially it helps us to understand what is going on also we so have to waist time on this website .

  7. TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: Motahear Hossain.
    DATE: 4/28/2021
    SUBJECT: Research Responsibility.

    As a team, we decided to write about cybersecurity. We decided on this topic because to realize the importance of cybersecurity in everyday life. In this modern world, most of our work is now internet and computer-based. To secure our private data, we all people need to know about cyber threats. As a team member, my responsibility is to write the introduction. In the introduction, I will define the topic, what is the cybersecurity according to the dictionaries. Then I will discuss why our subject is so important and what is so significant about this topic. I also discuss why people need to read our research topic. I’ll additionally talk about what we’re trying to accomplish with this research study in the first paragraph.
    To begin writing about those questions, I go to the link https://library.citytech.cuny.edu/. Then, in the Start Your Research segment, I go to Research Guides to look up the meaning of this word (cybersecurity). Then select ENCYCLOPEDIAS & OTHER REFERENCE RESOURCES from the Computer Engineering & Systems Technology section. I found the many dictionary lists in that section. In those dictionaries, I looked up the definition of this word and the context in which it was first used.
    In addition, I visited the link https://ieeexplore-ieee-org.citytech.ezproxy.cuny.edu/Xplore/home.jsp. In that link, I found many helpful articles to understand more about this concept. Following my reading of those articles, I chose a few to use as references in this research paper.

  8. TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: Zeela Rafija
    DATE: 4/28/2021
    SUBJECT: Research Responsibility
    My group and I have chosen the issues “Misinformation spreading easily online” for the Analytical Research Report writing. I have been assigned to take responsibility of writing ‘Recommendations and References’ section. The Internet has been tremendously changed the type and nature of the news that readers or observers receive in today’s world. Readers are more exposed to online sources of information than any other forms of media or news. For instance, social networking sites, which allows anybody to share any content without verifying the information authenticity or reliability. This really should be big concern for each of us. Online sources may publish fake and misleading information out of some wrong intention any individual or a specific group. It is very difficult for an average person to compare and authenticate the sources of information. As we know Social media and other online information sources, are very sensitive and unsafe measures for sharing information or opinions publicly. Unfortunately, there are many features that allow people share any information without verifying credibility. It is really easy to abuse these platforms through inappropriate contents, the deliberate act intended to mislead others by falsifying information. In this kind of situation, web users become overwhelmed, and they face difficulty to differentiate between truth and false. According to the Pew Research Center, 64% of Americans believe that fake news causes confusion about the basic facts of current events. Most of the time people share news through online, social media without checking the validity of the news, or contents. It is necessary to check the truthfulness before sharing it online. There are many ways people can verify the authenticity of the news. For instance, by checking with few websites to verify news which really helps to validate the information; so that consumer can identify the fake news. They can also check the credibility of a certain information by comparing with some mainstream reliable news sources.

  9. To: Prof. Ellis
    From: Pavel Hlinin
    Date: 04/28/2021
    Subject: Research Responsibility

    We decided to focus our research project on the problem of energy wasting. Energy wasting is a problem that people cannot solve completely. Energy wasting and efficiency of energy usage are interrelated topics. In my research, I am focusing on the description history of the problem as well as on the ways how to solve this problem. I used the City Tech Library database for my research, and I have found a few articles in the Gale Science and IeeExplore databases. I started my research from Google Scholar. Google Scholar gave me a general understanding of the problem and general ways how we can solve this problem. Then, I searched the databases where I found out that there are many ways to solve the problem of wasting energy. There are many ways exist, how people can reduce wasting of energy on industrial level as well as on a household level. We waste energy when we produce it, transport it, or consume it. On each of these steps, we can prevent the energy wasting. The efficient usage of energy should be a goal for humans today to protect future.

  10. TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: MD Jahirul Hasan
    DATE: 4/28/2021
    SUBJECT: Research Responsibility

    As a group, we will be addressing the issue of cybersecurity, the challenges and solutions we can implement in order to protect our data and ourselves from cyberattacks. Cyber security is the accumulation of skills, techniques, processes, and run-throughs which are built for safeguarding the protection of the network, computers, programs and data against malware, attacks, damage, and unauthorized access. My responsibility in this collaborative project is to research the significance of cybersecurity. I did most of my research from the Citytech library database. In addition, I also used books and some well-known organizations website to complete my research. From my understanding about cybersecurity identity thefts, password scams and firewall vulnerabilities are commonly used for cyberterrorism and cyberattacks. Computers, mobile devices, networks and Internet can be used for destructive causes for personal gains or political benefits. Cyberwar and cyberterrorism go hand in hand with each other. By making use of cyber tools, cyber physical infrastructure such as finance, energy, transportation and government are targeted by the cyber-attackers. New cyber threats are emerging everyday including ransomware, endpoint attacks, phishing, third party attacks, supply chain attacks, artificial intelligence and machine learning driven attacks, crypto jacking, cyber physical attacks. The whole world is in need of strong cyber security techniques which can successfully combat these ever-increasing forms of threats. To achieve cyber security awareness among people is the first and foremost thing. Otherwise, we can’t be prepared to combat such threats. To face the cyber-attack, the system and user need to design and develop strong vulnerability scanning mechanism, email virus or spam filtering system, personal information and password protection, and robust firewall services. Security is not a onetime mechanism. It is a continuous process. So, awareness and prepared readiness can save the cyber systems from the attackers.

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