750-1000-Word Expanded Definition

TO: Prof. Ellis

FROM: Kanak Das

DATE: 12/05/2021

SUBJECT: Expanded Definition Term: Networking Firewall


Firewall is one of the important topic on Information technology. The purpose of the memo indicates that the computer or the network we use; how it can protect our information, data and applications. There are also other terms that goes along with Firewall, such as Wireless security, Network Security, Virtual private network (VPN), Virus, Ransomware. Some resources I have used for research to focus on my term is Forcepoint, Vmware, Dictionary.com. the term I have selected to focus is Firewall; A firewall is a network security device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic. My interest in computer is mostly network security where firewall comes up big when computer or network requires protection from hackers or malicious users.


            “A firewall protects a computer network or personal computer (PC) from attacks from hackers or malicious software, known as malware. In e-commerce, a hacker may try to access customers’ financial information or disrupt the business in some way.”[1]. Another definition is “A firewall is hardware, software, or a combination of both that monitors and filters traffic packets that attempt to either enter or leave the protected private network. It is a tool that separates a protected network or part of a network, and now increasingly a user’s personal computer (PC)”.[2]. The first definition is form the E- commerce book and the second definition is from Securing the information infrastructure book. The two definition speaks almost the same language, because both defines what firewall are supposed to do. In e-commerce definition firewall protecting their information from hackers, they see firewall as something that could protect from all kinds of threat such in the definition malware, risky software, but in reality firewall can only so much their might be some vulnerability that they are unaware of. The second definition they see that definition almost it should protect them in software level and hardware level. If an infrastructure administrator aware that when he or she is transferring packets, files, important information thru firewall it should reach its destination, but if it doesn’t, the entire transfer would backfire. From both definitions perspective it appears that each company or book define firewall as how they uses it.


            It’s a quote from Cisco: “An early type of firewall device, a proxy firewall serves as the gateway from one network to another for a specific application. Proxy servers can provide additional functionality such as content caching and security by preventing direct connections from outside the network. However, this also may impact throughput capabilities and the applications they can support.”[3]. This sentence define the proxy types of firewall, which is any outside network, authorized or unauthorized network needs to be verified before getting into the cisco network. Company sees this as their way of defining the security threat, when someone from the company uses this word, they are most likely talking about an application is being transferred form one network to another.

            “Another quote form Forcepoint: “We saw an opportunity to combine router and advanced firewall capabilities to strengthen security across every site and accelerate throughput. We needed a solution with centralized administration that could be easily replicated every time we added a new mobile site, easing the management burden on our IT staff.”[4]. Forcepoint security company define this as the company or the firms they host they really care about their users and their tech. The definition itself shows that they don’t only want to secure the info and data for the present, but for the future of the company as well. As times advances they want to advance their security along with it. They look for different solution for how they can manage each every users requested files, packets. Instead of having the staff and users worry about the important information they want to create a safe environment for the people and in technology as well.

Working Definition:

            The research from above shows how each company treat the word firewall differently. Each and every perspective is correct, because it come down to the same meaning of how firewall works and what it should serve. My field of study Computer information Technology, IT Operation, I see firewall as one of the most fundamental being in all of computer science. Firewall is a network security mechanism that protect network or computer form solicited or unsolicited threat.


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