500 word summary

TO:       Prof. Ellis

FROM:     Kanak Das

DATE:     Dec, 1, 2021

SUBJECT:  500-Word Summary of Article About Network Wireless Security

When we talk about network in computer, it also include huge responsibility in security as well as wireless security. It is one of the most important and fundamental topic in Networking. The reason this is an essential research in this topic is because Network security helps in protecting personal data, files, and others important information that is connected to devices.  Increasing network security, you decrease the chance of privacy spoofing, identity or information theft and so on. Wireless network has become one of the fastest technologies for everyone’s benefit, which is a Computer Network that allows computing devices to communicate with each other without being connected through physical communications medium, such as networking cable or any involvement of wire. It is usually reply upon radio communication and wireless Network are implemented at the physical layer which is Layer 1 of the OSI model. The importance of wireless security is that it is all in one person under control. The owner can control it from anywhere nearby, without any need of wire or cable. Some of the reasons are, trusted video security solutions, commitment to quality with superior service, for personal protection.

Wireless technologies use radio frequency transmission as the means for transmitting data, whereas wired technologies use cables. Wireless technologies range from complex system, such as WLAN which is Wireless Local Area Network, when we use cell phones and have wireless headphones, through the use of Bluetooth to listen to songs, and other small devices that does not require wire. moreover, we also have, WPA which is wireless Access Point, is hardware device that allows properly equipped computing device to connect wirelessly to a network. Which can be used through router including a radio transceiver to enable wireless communication with client, and where we all use it every single day, commonly known as Wi-Fi. The transport mechanism between devices connect can also have impact on the all devices that connected to each other and any information can be shared easily through this process. Encryption is one of the major subject to talk about in wireless security, Because, all wireless computers are radio transmitters and receivers , anyone can listen to the information that are being transfer or received, that’s why it’s important  to have encryption enable on wireless network. So, that way even if the other people hears about the information, they would not be able to see the information. Only people will have access are the ones with proper passwords or proper wireless configuration.

Another major topic in wireless network is Hacking. For example, if you connect to public network, it can be easily intercepted by cybercriminal, where your personal data could be at risk. Whenever there is free public wi-fi, once you connect to these fake network everything you do online is monitor by cybercriminal. Who can scan your activity such as social media log in information. Cybercriminal can even easily transfer viruses, or other unnecessary software to your computer. That can cause serious damage to your computer and can get through your personal information.

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