500 word Definition Cyber Security

From: Ron Bepat
ENG 2575 OL70
To: Professor Ellis
Subject: 500 word Definition
Topic/Major: Cyber Security & Networking

Cyber Security is the protection of an individual’s information from hackers. Cyber security over time has improved significantly across various fields of work. The increasingly significance of Cyber protection today has increased as more attacks have plagued the internet. As technology advances, there are still many vulnerabilities that have been created throughout the years. The internet has evolved and strengthen however, different societies have become increasingly vulnerable in the cyber space. Such as the many Americans who don’t know much on protecting themselves on the internet and click on ads they shouldn’t be clicking being misled by malware. Different ways have been created to prevent any future cyber-attacks. One such example is that businesses are required to go through yearly (or frequent) updates to their networks. Governments have started to focus on cyber security and examined what the situation has become. For example, Russian hackers creating havoc during the 2016 and 2020 Presidential elections. The average person’s internet usage has exponentially increased in the last decade due to the numerous devices available to connect to the network and is now a constant part of society. A United States government entity called NATO, or the Northern Alliance Treaty Organization has dedicated resources to help protect NATO countries in cyber-attacks and risks. [1] “Its main task is to strengthen the ability, cooperation, and information sharing among NATO countries” Some countries strengths may lie in their national security in fields such as land, sea and air but have tend to neglect the importance of Cyber Security. Hackers use these vulnerabilities to take advantage of the situation. To figure out how hackers are disrupting the flow of the internet cyber security, professionals would have to understand the logistics of hackers and use the same tools hackers use to figure out solutions to protect themselves from these threats. There is not much regulation as it appears to be on the internet but there are military cyber experts cracking down on these hackers. It is important for the internet to have a military presence to observe the networks for suspicious activities. Network penetration tools are all over the internet to manipulate data. If a country has weak to no Cyber Security to protect themselves then the citizen and legal entities that operate in the country are more at risk from attacks from hackers. Legal action must be taken to stop cyber criminals from running rampant on the internet because one of the top threats in the modern day are cyber-attacks. Cyber-deterrence should be encouraged but many people would think the internet would not be as “free” if the cyber-deterrence policies were made. [1] “…that deterring the attackers from their wishes, attacks, or wars, in particular cyber wars and “cyber deterrence,” may be the best.” The knowledge of cyber security can help many people prevent many crimes that can happen to them which will prevent more hackers from compromising people’s data.

[1] Senol, Mustafa, and Ertugrul Karacuha. “Creating and Implementing an Effective and Deterrent National Cyber Security Strategy.” Gale Academic ONEFILE, 30 June 2020,


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