500-Word Summary of Article About Computer Network courses in Information Management

TO: Prof. Ellis
FROM: Brandon Sosa
DATE: September 22nd, 2021
SUBJECT: 500 Word Summary of The Article about Computer Network courses in Information Management 

The following is a 500-word summary of a peer-reviewed article about the research of Computer Network courses within Information Management and Information Systems. The article talks about how the course in information management and information systems is to be outdated and that it needs to be revised to be up to par. Professors know about what they are doing but it would be best to bring in individuals from technology companies to show the students how/what they’ll be doing in the real world. According to the article, a quote that stood out to me is “The entire class is composed of the blackboard students who only are the “audience” and teacher who is saying “storytelling” with the traditional teaching method.” 

Making Information and information systems understandable to the people. By teaching participants how to use and understand what a Computer network really is. This can be done by having students memorize the teaching learned in the course and in the textbook. The computer network has evolved over time and some of the courses might need to be re-edited to make the updated technology. Teachers/Professors can focus merely on what the student is going to be doing such as “Local Area Network”. With online learning, the basic teaching norm is thrown out the window because students are forced to learn online instead of face-to-face interaction. Classes are not up to par with the computer network for students to use be able to use online learning. The teacher/professor’s lack of experience in Computer networks can be hurtful to the students. The work given to the students is broken down into 3 types which the student can use to understand Computer networks. Content Architecture includes 5 parts (Sketch, Physical Layer, Data Link Layer, Packet Switching, Transport Layer, and Application layer network). Teaching is the most important element a teacher can have to be able to pass on the knowledge they have. Case-based teaching is a method used by teachers and students use this method by researching and training capacity through cases under their guidance. Exposing these students to other Computer networks such as Cisco, Linux, and Lenovo is a good idea because it’s not the only operating system. Case teaching by selecting teaching is a way the students can master the information that has been taught to the students. Network simulation is defined as using computer technology and creating a topology of other computer networks. Network simulation is used in the network to structure the topology and simulate the network traffic. Network simulation is great for students and another way to teach the students the overall concept of Computer networks. Students change from passive learners to active participation inquirers. While hiring people from companies to come in and teach the students what needs to get taught to ensure employment is met after graduation. Due to the online teaching situation, we must adapt to this new trend if the students are going to be taught efficiently in the real world. 


[1]     Yong-min Lin and Wei-dong, “Research on computer network course in information management and information system,” 2010 2nd International Conference on Education Technology and Computer, 2010. doi: 10.1109/ICETC.2010.5529707.

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