Week 9, Lecture

We’ve made it all the way to week nine! Woo-hoo! Pat yourselves on the back for hanging in there thus far!

In this week’s lecture, I discuss grades, time spent on the class, the instructional manual project, and this week’s weekly writing project. Here are the time stamps for the major points:

00:00 Grades, Time Spent on Class
25:44 Instruction Manual Readings
45:39 Instruction Manual Examples
01:25:22 Weekly Writing Assignment

Remember to scroll down to see posts below on this week’s weekly writing assignment and more information about the instructional manual project.

Take notes from the lecture and review the materials that I reference before jumping into this week’s weekly writing assignment.

Visit office hours from 3:00-5:00pm or email me at jellis at citytech.cuny.edu with your questions!

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