TO: Jason W. Ellis

FROM: Daniel T. Romanowski

SUBJECT: Instructional Manual on How to Use a 3d Printer

DATE: 10/21/2020

The instructional manual paper will be about how to use a 3d printer. This paper will cover software, and hardware setups in order to make 3d prints.


Ender3 3d Printer Manual. Sain Smart.

Manual Builder. Builder.

3d Printing Handbook. Prusa.

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  1. To Professor Ellis
    From: Nargis Anny
    Date: October, 23, 2020
    Subject: Brainstorming for 750-1000 word, expanded definition.
    My three terms for my 750-1000 word essay are Cybersecurity, Network and Technology. The term Cybersecurity are measures taken to protect a computer or computer system from unauthorized access or online threats. Network is an arrangement of horizontal or vertical lines, but when referring to technology purposes it means an interconnected group or system, such as a chain of computers connecting together under one network base. And Technology means machinery or equipment used for scientific purposes. Examples of this are PC’s (Personal Computers), Laptops, Mobile Phones, Satellite dishes, etc. Technlogy can be used for communication, professional work and education. After reviewing these terms for my assignment, I’ve decided to do my essay on Cybersecurity.

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