Week 6, Weekly Writing Assignment

Watch for peer review emails from Prof. Ellis to each team on Wednesday afternoon.

Complete your Expanded Definition first draft as soon as possible.

Then, click “Reply All” to the peer review email from Prof. Ellis.

In the body of your email, write a polite and professional message to your teammates that includes an ask for feedback on your paper and an offer to help others by giving your feedback to them on their papers.

Below this message to your teammates, copy-and-paste the text of your Expanded Definition draft from your word processing software into the body of your email. This makes it easier for your teammates to read your writing without having to download and open a file using additional software. Put another way, please do not attach files or include links to your document on a cloud-based platform. Simply select all of your writing in the open document, switch to your email, and copy-and-paste your text from your document below the message to your teammates.

When you receive emails from your teammates asking for feedback, click Reply All and write a polite and professional email with advice about how to make their work better.

In particular, please address the four following points in your reply to your teammates:

  1. Are there the main sections present: introduction, definitions, context, working definition, and references? If something is missing or needs development, please point that out to the author.
  2. In the definitions section, are there at least two library sourced definitions and are they discussed in the author’s own words?
  3. In the context section, how many sentences are quoted, are they all cited, and are they discussed in the author’s own words?
  4. Look over each in-text citation and reference and see if they follow APA format. You don’t have to correct them but if something seems off, you should recommend that the author double check these before turning in their work.

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