Week 1, Weekly Writing Assignment

As described in the second lecture video for Week 1, your first Weekly Writing Assignment is to send an email of introduction to Prof. Ellis (jellis at citytech.cuny.edu, of course, replace the “at” with the at sign–@) from your City Tech email account. If you’ve forgotten the password to your City Tech email account, visit this site to reset your password.

Below are the guidelines for your email of introduction:

  • Send an email to Prof. Ellis at jellis@citytech.cuny.edu from your City Tech email account.
  • Subject line: ENG2575 Student Introduction
  • Salutation (e.g., Dear/Greetings/Hi/Hello Prof. Ellis,)
  • Body: Tell me about yourself, your major, career goals, hobbies, what you want to get out of our class
  • Closing: (e.g., Best, Best wishes, Cheers, Sincerely [your name or how you would like me to refer to you]

The goal is to complete each Weekly Writing Assignment before the next week’s lecture so that you do not get behind.

I look forward to hearing from you all! I will reply to each student’s email as they are received.

Also, while we are all getting acquainted with the class and how we do things, please remember to scroll down to make sure that you don’t miss the lecture videos, or you can click on the links to the left to find them.

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