Project: Collaborations, Phase One

In the previous post, I shared who everyone will be working with on the collaborative final projects in the class: report, website, presentation, and reflection. All components will be due on the last day of class when all teams will give their presentations.

During today’s class, we will work toward identifying what scientific or technological problem your team will work on for the remainder of the semester.

Use the following image to help visualize these final projects.

Visualization of the Collaborative Projects

We will discuss some of these resources during class:

Before our next class, have one team member copy the sharable link from your Google Doc and paste it into a comment added to this post.

Opportunity: Research and Googling Workshop, Thursday, 11/7, club hour, L-237

The Center for Student Accessibility is hosting a workshop for students on research and Google skills in room L-237 on Thursday, 11/7 from 12:45pm-2:15pm. You will learn invaluable skills at this workshop. As an added bonus, refreshments will be provided!

Project: Collaboration Teams

Looking ahead to our next set of projects, the randomly assigned teams are listed below. Your team will be responsible for working together on the analytical research report, oral presentation, website, and report on collaboration. We will begin talking about these projects and how they work together in our next class on 11/12.

Team 1Alpha, Tariq, Dominick, and Devina
Team 2Jeremy, Amir, Daniel, and Julia
Team 3Karmoko, Liuming, Masum, and Alain
Team 4Huzaifa, Marco, Samuel, and Eric
Team 5Luke, Mustafa, Haider, and Jing Sheng
Team 6Hector, Fernando, and Burhan