Eric Llerena’s 50 Word Article Summary

From: Eric Llerena

To: Professor Ellis


Subject: 500- Word Summary of IoT Devices

IoT is all around us. IoT refers to the billions of devices connected to the internet. As you can imagine this included a lot of devices such as smartphones. Computers, smartwatches, tablets, cameras, etc. Literally anything can be transformed into an Iot device. For example, a lightbulb can be turned into a IoT device by downloading an app and controlling the off/on switch of that lightbulb. The idea of adding intelligence to basic objects began in 1980-1990. The process was obviously slow due to the lack of technological advances back then. There was however a creation that was advance at that time. This invention was the internet connected vending machine. It was incredible to think that a vending machine had internet connection. People in today’s day and age look pass this invention but don’t realize how advance it is. It’s incredible to think that you can pay for a snack using your card. This machine is able to read your card and just like that withdraw money from your personal account without you having physical access to it. IoT is getting bigger and bigger by the day. By that I mean that more machines and inventions are being created. The reason for this is simple, supply and demand. People are buying IoT devices at a rapid pace. According to ZDnet, the amount of IoT devices bought from 2006 to 2019 has quadrupled.

Iot is beneficial to a lot of people. These people include customers as well as companies. As for customers, it makes your life simply. Everything you do and think can become easier with an IoT device surrounding you. For example, an amazon speaker can make it easier for you to lay music. You won’t need to get up off you couch to go turn the radio on. This way you just need to talk to your speaker and tell it to play the song you wish. Another example can be Home security systems. These security systems can save not only your life but the lives of the one you love. Maybe one day you aren’t paying attention and you don’t realize that your baby crawled out the front door. The home security system can set an alarm for when someone enters and exits your home. This will alert you if any harm is actually intact. Many people in today’s society have confirmed that home security saved their lives.

Although, IoT is a fascinating invention, it also has its issues. One of them being the security of it. We can come to an agreement to say that IoT devices are extremely smart. Therefore, there is no limit to what you can keep private around your personal IoT devices. For example, if you have a home security camera, it’s difficult to have home privacy. The reason being that if something goes wrong your camera can be alerted to police and it’ll show the images. The camera can hold videos and photos you might not wish anyone to see from your private home.

Mustafa Nagi’s 500 word article Summary

TO: Prof. Jason W. Ellis
FROM: Mustafa Nagi 
DATE: 09/17/19
SUBJECT: 500-Word Summary of Baker’s “Regulating Technology for Law Enforcement”

Stewart Barker talked in this article about the “Regulating Technology for Law Enforcement”, he says that care more about people are thinking about Police Enforcement and Technology future. It is clear that the article will covers three issues; Encryption, Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, and Information Infrastructure Protection.

Protecting and securing people’s conversions and data information in private is really hard key, so FBI and police are working hard to develop keys to get the information even from third party if you are using Strong Encryptions. They seek for the encryptions, because They want to make sure that there is no threat to the nation.  if people refuse to share their Encryptions, they can use third party to get the information. They try their best to prevent people from using private encryption.

FBI ordered the Companies to give out the list of the access keys(wiretap-ready). Any company refused to give the encryptions, if it refuses its product will not be sold. Recently, it becomes the law. “If the product does not have wiretap capability, it cannot be sold.” It is clear that FBI and Police Enforcement wants to get access to the information but in legal way, if not by forcing New law or ask the Government to create law to support them. 

 It will not be easy for the government to protect out information infrastructure. Hackers could make big problems in our devices and networks. They could cost us pain by creating viruses that damage out networks and information. FBI create something called (NIPC) which is the National Infrastructure Protection Center, it is all controlled by FBI to create protection to the industry. FBI is the main resource for the protection as it comes for technology using. It is not that, but it keeps tracking the other government’s agencies. If the FBI suspect someone it will keep tracking him/her using by technology items.

I think it is very complicated to build something in the devices just to track people what if you lost the code and people being use by hackers to get their information. The FBI can create system which prevent people from using technology to make crimes. For example, using smart tools to take specific worlds of violence and translate it to English or any word which can lead to stop crimes from happening. 


Baker, S. (1999). Regulating Technology for Law Enforcement. Texas Review of Law & Politics, 4(1), 53. Retrieved from