TO: Professor Ellis
FROM: Amir Radoncic
DATE: 09/17/2019

SUBJECT: 500-Word Summary on how “cryptographers scramble to protect the internet from attackers”

This article is by Adrian Cho who explains how quantum computers are a huge importance in the future. This article also covers the importance of how we can build and protect these future quantum computers. He explains how hackers are going to be a big problem to quantum computers etc.

The main points of the article are about how we can create ways of protection for quantum computers such as Cryptographers are looking for ways to ensure the protection of public and secret keys between two senders so that valuable information is not stolen by an outside entity. For example, there is a popular public key scheme called RSA, which scrambles a message by multiplying it by itself a number of times. Researched has been conducted on ways to develop algorithms and schemes in order to ensure the protection of the information on the quantum computers.  There is no guarantee that quantum computers are un-hackable, so it is extremely important that cryptographers implicate new ways in combination with current schemes, to ensure the safety and security of users.

The article is solid on why we need quantum computers and why. Although in my opinion quantum, computers could be the technological breakthrough that we have been looking for. There has been educated guesses such as NIST could standardize two or three algorithms each for encryption and digital signatures as early as 2022, says Dustin Moody, a mathematician at NIST in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The agency wants options, he says. “If some new attack is found that breaks all lattices, we’ll still have something to fall back on.” There are a bunch of educated/professional people who have tried to invent new algorithms which are really smart although not enough.

ChoAug, A., MalakoffAug, D., EscobarAug, H., NordlingAug, L., PennisiAug, E., Reilly, S., … GalvisAug, S. (2019, August 21). Cryptographers scramble to protect the internet from attackers armed with quantum computers. Retrieved from https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2019/08/cryptographers-scramble-protect-internet-hackers-quantum-computers