Project: 1500-2000-Word Instructional or Training Manual, Phase Three

Today, we’re focusing on your instruction manuals. We will go over the general layout and how to publish your work.

NB: I want you to produce the highest quality instruction manual possible given the time that we have available. Therefore, I am extended the deadline for this assignment to Nov. 12.

We will be using Google Docs to create your instruction manual. Use this document as a model for your instruction manual.

You will be able to share your document and link to it from our OpenLab site. Use the directions below to submit your work.

1. Give your Google Doc a descriptive title.
After you’ve completed your instruction manual, you need to get a sharable link to it for your OpenLab post.

After copying the link to your instruction manual, create an OpenLab post for your project. Follow these steps:

Confirm that your post appears on our OpenLab site and that the link to your instruction manual on Google Docs works correctly.

Here are some pro tips for using Google Docs:

Use page breaks to separate the sections of your manual.
Check your word count by clicking on Tools > Word count.

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