Announcements: New Due Dates, Office Hour Changes, Team Projects

Please pay attention to these upcoming changes:

  • The 1500-2000-word instruction manual project is now due before class on Nov. 12. This gives everyone an extra week to turn in their very best work on this assignment.
  • We will use class on Nov. 5 for studio time. This means that class time will be reserved for working on your instruction manual–including receiving feedback through user testing.
  • I highly recommend that everyone attend class on Nov. 5 so that you can receive your team assignments for the final phase of the semester. Even though we won’t begin the team projects until Nov. 12 due to the new instruction manual due date, it would be advantageous to meet your team members and exchange contact information with them ahead of Nov. 12.
  • I have been assigned School of Arts and Sciences advisement during my regular office hours. Therefore, I am changing my office hours from Nov. 26 through the end of the semester to Tuesdays, 3:00pm-4:00pm.
  • For the screenshots that I make for our class, I use Greenshot.

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