Daily Writing Assignment: Introductory Email

For your first daily writing assignment, please send an email of introduction to me (Professor Ellis) before we meet next week.

  • Write an email from your City Tech email address to Prof. Ellis (jellis at citytech.cuny.edu).
  • Subject: Greetings from Your First and Last Name in ENG2575
  • Body:
    • Salutation: Dear Professor Ellis, or Hello Professor Ellis, or Hi Professor Ellis,
    • Pleasantry sentence.
    • Content paragraph:
      • Topic Sentence (Why are you writing? What is the purpose of the email? You don’t want to write: You told me to write you this stupid email. Instead: I wanted to introduce myself to you and let you know a little bit more about my interests and goals.
      • Several Supporting Sentences (Tell me about yourself)
        • What is your major?
        • What kind of job do you want to get? Not just “electrical engineer,” for example, but where do you want to work, what kind of firm, do you want to use this job to lead to something else in the long term?
        • What are your hobbies and interests?
        • What would you like to gain from our Technical Writing class? Is there a particular skill or ability that you want to focus your efforts on in our class?
    • Closing: Best wishes, Best, Sincerely, Cheers,
    • Your Name

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