Project 1, Assembling the Pieces into a 750-1000-Word Workplace Research Report

Now that you have had a chance to perform research that will inform your Project 1 Workplace Research Report, you may now begin assembling the pieces into a draft that you will bring to our next class for peer review.

Schematically, your report should contain these components:

  • Title page
  • Abstract (second page, 50-100-word summary of the report that you are writing–what is its purpose, what kinds of information does it include, and who is it for?)
  • Introduction (third page, one paragraph that introduces the reader to your report–like the abstract but in more detail about the report: purpose, road map, audience)
  • Method (what did you set out to learn and how did you do the research)
  • Results (using the information from your interview memo, library-sourced article memo, and Occupational Outlook Handbook memo, factually report what you learned about your selected career, remember to parenethically cite any quotes or paraphrases)
  • Discussion (based on the facts that you report in results, discuss your career–is it the right career for you, what do you see as your prospects in your career, what do you need to do to prepare to enter this career, etc.)
  • References (include all of your bibliographic references in alphabetical order)

Bring two printed copies of this report to our class next week. Do not plan to print them with our classroom printer. You have to print them before our class meets.

An example of the document layout is available here: ENG2570Project1FinalReport.

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