In-Class Writing, Online Connections Memo

During the beginning of class today, you will write a memo that explores how the magazine article that you brought to class today connects to writing that you find online.

Remember last week, when we discussed the Oxford English Dictionary, the OED provides definitions and the etymology of words. The OED’s presentation of sentences and phrases using the word defined in different contexts provides useful information to us about what the word means in the context of a sentence instead of just as a definition without that context.

For this assignment, we are interested in the context of jargon that you found in the article that you read for today’s class. You will find three web pages that use the jargon that you select for today’s assignment and cite them within your memo. Follow these guidelines:

Memo Header

Memo introduction paragraph–what are you doing and what is it about (include the author and title of your article here).

Brief summary paragraph of the article (you choose your word count, no paraphrase, no quotes, all your own words and descriptions)

One sentence identifying an example of jargon in the essay (quote and cite an example of this from the essay)

One sentence introducing three webpages where you found the term being used (the website must clearly identify an author’s name on the webpage–if no byline, keep searching and do not cite)

“Sentence from the webpage using the term” (citation).
Bibliographic reference in APA format (Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Date of publication). Title of article. Title of Website. Retrieved from

“Sentence from the webpage using the term” (citation).
Bibliographic reference in APA format (Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Date of publication). Title of article. Title of Website. Retrieved from

“Sentence from the webpage using the term” (citation).
Bibliographic reference in APA format (Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Date of publication). Title of article. Title of Website. Retrieved from

When you are completed, copy and paste your memo into a comment made to this blog post.

20 thoughts on “In-Class Writing, Online Connections Memo

  1. Win

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Win Naing
    DATE: March 9th, 2017
    SUBJECT: IN-Class Writing Assignment, jargon Online Memo

    Jargon online memo

    This memo is to explain a technical terms or jargon used in the article in the magazine, using 3 website as reference. In this essay, I am going to explain the word ISO from the magazine article. ISO, also called as ASA or DIN in the old days, means the sensitivity of the film or image sensor in the camera. The higher the ISO, the more sensitivity of the film or digital sensor is, specially in the low light conditions.

    The magazine article is about three newly released Fuji, Canon and Nikon cameras. “Resolution at ISO 100 was the highest we’ve seen form APS-C sized sensor, and the camera held noise to the moderately low up to ISO 800” (Leuchter, M (Jan/Feb 2016). A star’s turn. Popular Photography, 81(1), 64-67)

    The term ISO is used in the following websites.
    “ISO (I.S.O.) is the abbreviation for the International Organization of Standardization, a governing body based in Europe that provides the standards for a wide variety of subjects. For photographers the key standard is Film Speed ratings. In the past this was known as ASA or the American Standards Association (Now discontinued and replaced by the American National Standards Institute or ANSI)”
    (What is the full meaning of ISO in DSLR cameras? Quora. Retrieved from

    “The ISO setting in your camera effects how sensitive the sensor is to light. There is a lot of technical math that is well explained for those wanting the absolute answer to what it is on Wikipedia, but this article will focus more on choosing the right ISO setting for your specific shot. The right ISO can make your photo, the wrong ISO can ruin it.”
    (Panic, M. (June 5, 2010). How to Choose the Correct ISO Setting for Your Shot. Light Stalking. Retrieved from

    “The most common photographic fear that I come across these days is when people are afraid to raise the ISO setting on their cameras.”
    (Maher, J. (June 5, 2010). Reasons to Shoot High ISO Images. Digital Photography School. Retrieved from

  2. Doneek Drumgo

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Doneek Drumgo
    DATE: March 9, 2017
    SUBJECT: In-class, Jargon word memo

    The purpose of this memo is to find a jargon word from the article ’ You Are Here,’ by David Schneider. The goal is to find a word that some people may not be familiar with and show how the word is used in different contexts.

    The article’ You Are Here,’ by David Schneider discussed making GPS signals more accurate at in-door locations. GPS signals are used for things such as automobiles and smartphones. The problem addressed in this article is that GPS signals are not efficient enough in-doors compared to outdoors. Solutions to fix this problem are improving WiFi technology and improving radio waves. The goal was to improve GPS signals.

    The jargon word i am choosing from this article is peculiar.
    Quote: ‘In this special zone, the emanations from a radio antenna are rather peculiar’
    Citation: (Schneider, 2013, p.34-39)

    ‘Although unlikely, there is also a possibility that the signals are due to highly peculiar chemical compositions in a small fraction of galactic halo stars.’

    (Borra E.F. & Trottier E. (October 10, 2016) Discovery of peculiar periodic spectral modulations in a small fraction of solar type Retrieved from

    ‘Astronomers from SETI are looking at potential radio signals coming from the peculiar star that has been in the news lately over the idea that it could host an “alien mega structure.’

    (Carpeniti, A. (October 20, 2015) Scientists Have Begun Hunting For Alien Signals Coming From Mysterious Star. Retrieved from

    ‘Canadian astrophysicists have discovered 234 cases of what they call “peculiar periodic spectral modulations in a small fraction of solar type stars,“ which translates as variations in the light-pattern of 234 stars more or less similar to our own sun’

    (Muller, A. (October 12, 2016). Astronomers find 234 possible intelligent signals from sun-like stars. Retrieved from

  3. Steven Rivera

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Steven Rivera
    DATE: 09 March, 2017
    SUBJECT: In Class Writing, Online Connections Memo

    Using “The pros and cons of being a hybrid web designer/developer” by Ashley Gainer, I will identify and explain a key piece of jargon used in the article, to help clarify the article’s subject.

    The article details who and what web designers and web developers are, and what they do. With both of those roles/careers constantly getting confused, the article clarifies, and weighs the pros and cons of specialization. The article gives hints on how to be good at each one of them, and also on how to approach taking on a career with duo roles. User experience is one particular duty that confuses both roles, because both have a hand in it.

    “If you’re a serious coder and you know how to put together some basic websites that are easy enough to use but don’t really focus on user experience, conversion goals, or positioning, you might not really be a “web designer” in the primary sense of web design” (Gainer, 2017, para. 12).

    To better clarify the term user experience, I found three websites where the terms were used in the right context:

    “The term “user experience” was coined by Dr. Donald Norman, a cognitive science researcher who was also the first to describe the importance of user-centered design (the notion that design decisions should be based on the needs and wants of users)” (Gube, 2010, para. 7).

    Gube, N. (2010, Oct. 5). What is user experience design? overview, tools and resources. Smashing Magazine. Retrieved from

    “The lesson to be learned here, is that if you’re interested in sociology, in cognitive science, in people and in great products, user experience is a good place to be; but if you understand those principles, and are more visually inclined, you might look at its brother-in-arms: UI design” (Lamprecht, 2017, para. 28).

    Lamprecht, E. (2017, Feb. 14). The difference between ux and ui design-a layman’s guide. CareerFoundry. Retrieved from

    “While surveys and question-response tests can be effective for highly targeted issues, when it comes to testing your on-site user experience, or specific user journeys, the only way is to sit down with someone and watch them screw it all up” (Lamprecht, 2014, para. 21).

    Lamprecht, E. (2014, Jul. 8). 7 signs this person isn’t actually a ux designer. UX Mastery. Retrieved from

    Gainer, A. (2017, Mar. 6). The pros and cons of being a hybrid web designer/developer. Flywheel. Retrieved from

  4. Chauncey Dumaguing

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Chauncey Dumaguing
    DATE: March 9, 2017
    SUBJECT: In-Class Writing, Online Connections Memo

    For this following memo, the article called, “A New Chip Makes Voice Control More Efficient, Less Creepy,” written by Tim Moynihan, talks about how engineers are fixing a certain issue people have with today’s smartphones. That particular issue happens to be the voice assistant on the smartphones that drain the battery of any one smartphone.

    In Tim Moynihan’s article, “A New Chip Makes Voice Control More Efficient, Less Creepy,” he talks about the issue of the always-on voice assistant on smartphones. The problem with voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant; they drain the battery of a smartphone drastically. However, he notes that researchers from MIT’s Microsystems Technology Laboratories are targeting this problem, and making them better. According to Moynihan’s article, the voice assistants use the cloud on their device to process voice commands, but the chip that MIT created takes care of that functionality itself, giving other components on the device an easier time working. With the chip able to do this for devices, manufacturers of smartphones can use a less expensive to increase the efficiency on the phones they develop. Moynihan also talks about how the chip recognizes speech better. Apparently, the chip detects what the user is saying and converts it into a text locally instead of taking the user’s speech and processing that over a web connection to a server, which uses far less power. He even states that the MIT chip was designed specifically for battery-powered devices, but components similar to the chip can make a big impact of how plug-in devices work, like the Amazon Echo or Google Home.

    Moynihan, T. (March 9, 2017). A new chip makes voice control more efficient, less creepy. Wired, retrieved from

    “Maximizing battery life remains the great challenge of every smartphone manufacturer.” (

    Here are three sentences that use the word “smartphone.”

    “In a nutshell, a smartphone is a device that lets you make telephone calls, but also adds in features that, in the past, you would have found only on a personal digital assistant or a computer–such as the ability to send and receive e-mail and edit Office documents, for example.”
    Cassavoy, L. (February 9, 2017). What Makes a Smartphone Smart? Lifewire. Retrieved from

    “When we get sucked into our smartphones or distracted, we think it’s just an accident and our responsibility.”
    Harris, T. (July 27, 2016). Smartphone Addiction is Part of the Design. Spiegel Online. Retrieved from

    “After issuing feature phone sales figures, market research firm Strategy Analytics has shared its report on profits made by smartphone manufacturers in 2016.”
    Akolawala, T. (March 9, 2017). Apple Rakes In 79.2 Percent of Global Smartphone Industry’s Profit in 2016: Strategy Analytics. NDTV Gadgets. Retrieved from

  5. kangyiliu

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Kangyi Liu
    DATE: 02/23/17
    SUBJECT: Project 1, Online Connections Memo

    This assessment is going to do about writing a summary for “Vending Machine” by Todd Mclellan, and find a verb that only people in my field could understand it and find three websites that talks about it.

    The article I brought titled “vending machine” by Todd Mclellan, which is talking about how a vending machine works. A Vending machine is a machine that allows customers self-service for buying snacks, however, it can’t hold much foods, and foods falls from high place will toast break. The robot arm knows where to go after a man send what the items they want and pay the bill. Then the selected snacks will pop out by ac motor.
    MClellan, T. (2016, May.). Vending Machine . Popular Mechanics, 193, NO. 5, 26-27.

    I found the verb “AC motor” in the article “vending machine” where it says, “ the machine positions the picker above the correct bin, then an Ac motor powers a two -stage impeller to pump air through the hose” (Mclellan, 2016, pg.26). The verb “AC motor” it a electrical component that makes rotor rotate by connecting an ac generator.

    The Ac motor is an electric motor that is driven by alternating current, which used electrical energy into mechanical energy.

    “Unlike toys and flashlights, most homes, offices, factories, and other buildings aren’t powered by little batteries: they’re not supplied with DC current, but with alternating current (AC), which reverses its direction about 50 times per second” (Chris,2012, para. 3).
    (Woodford C. (2012). How does an AC motor work. Ac induction motor. Retrieved from

    “AC machines can be classified as induction, wound rotor, and synchronous. Induction motors can be further classified as 3-phase and single-phase. A 3-phase induction motor can be further classified as delta wound or wye wound. f
    ” (Vidal, 2007, para.7).
    (Vidal S. (2007). Differentiating Between DC and AC Motors
    . ec&m. Retrieved from

    “AC motors are powered with alternating current and convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. There are three types of alternating current motors with three-phases. AC induction motors the most commonly used, for AC voltage, the voltage on which they run, is readily available at any outlet. ” (Courtney Williams, 2014, para.3).
    Williams. C.(2014 ). How to Tell the Difference Between AC Motors and DC Motors
    . sfeg. Retrieved from

  6. Maoya

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Kazi Maoya
    DATE: 03/09/2017
    SUBJECT: In-Class writing, Online Connections Memo

    In the article “Tunnel Through the Alps” by Shannon palus says about The Swiss government broke ground on the most ambitious tunnel-building project in history. He also talked about how people can travel one country to another country easily and how it can save time.

    The dual tube Gotthard base tunnel follows the route that has a long history of slow people and good over the Alps.It just happens to do it as deep as 1.5 miles below the icy massifs.For travel in train mile by mile is not easy for any normal people.For this tunnel Alps people can travel Zurich to Milan in three and half hours .And also it can shift to freight from roads to rails could put a real dent in air pollution.

    Palus,S, (December 2016). Train Through the Alps. PA p.60

    Almost any teacher will tell you that the fi rst year was the hardest. The complexity, demands, and pace
    of teaching can be overwhelming for many novices. Most beginning teachers must take on this vast
    set of challenges while also sorting out mixed messages about what good teaching actually looks like
    and how to do it.
    (Solomon,J,2013,February).Ambitious.Inside Higher ED.Retrieved from

    In a recent study comparing online with face-to-face courses, the online learning group WCET concluded that virtual courses are more expensive than those delivered on campus. If you focus on the report’s narrow results, based merely on course tuition and fees, as well as selected instructional elements, you’re sure to be led astray. We’ve seen perplexing media stories that inflate the report’s puzzling findings; “Online Education Costs More, Not Less,” declared a headline in a leading story in Inside Higher Ed.
    (Ubell,R,2017,March 8).Schlepping ,Inside Higher Ed,Retrieved from

    Rising tuition, declining government subsidies, stagnant endowments, and increased competition are challenging higher education like never before. College and university leaders are struggling to understand where these changes will lead and how they can make higher education more affordable, more accessible, and of greater quality for an increasingly diverse and aspiring student. Based on our interaction with university leaders and policy makers, we believe that the timeline for transformational change has shortened to five years. During this time, higher education will have moved from a provider-driven model to a consumer-driven one and, in so doing, upend a system that had endured for centuries.
    (Bush,J,2013,May 23).Ushering,Inside Higher Ed,Retrieved from

  7. Jozef

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Jozef Loderer
    DATE: March 9, 2017
    SUBJECT: In-Class Writing Assignment, Online Connections Memo

    This memo serves the purpose to analyze the context of one specific jargon with the help of finding three articles on the internet containing the jargon. In addition to that I am also using an article by Samuel R. Bagenstos entitled “Civil Rights Deja Vu, Only Worse”.

    In his article “Civil Rights Deja Vu, Only Worse” Samuel R. Bagenstos discusses the precarious situation in regard to civil rights under the Trump administration. The author worked as a lawyer in the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice in the past, and through his experience he reaches the conclusion that civil rights will most likely come under even more assault under the Trump administration than they already have during the Bush years. Bagenstos believes that Trump will attempt to overturn many civil rights achievements from the past, and by doing so setting us back many years.

    Bagenstos, Samuel R. (2017, Winter). Civil Rights Deja Vu, Only Worse. The American Prospect, Volume 28(1), 57-60.

    “I expect the efforts to attack voter suppression to end in the Trump administration and the division instead to bring new lawsuits that will themselves be designed to suppress the vote”.
    (Bagenstos, 2017, p. 58)

    I am using the jargon “voter suppression” by having searched the internet for three useful articles contextualizing the meaning of said jargon.

    “North Carolina has been conducting a real-time experiment on the efficacy of voter suppression—and the results suggest both that it works, and that it’s far from the only factor at play in the state”. (Newkirk II, 2016, para. 1)

    “Political operatives and Donald Trump are currently colluding to intimidate minority voters; the Trump campaign has explicitly boasted of its “major voter suppression” efforts to drive minorities away from the polls”. (Stern, 2016, para. 7)

    “Those voter suppression schemes are likely to multiply as states seeking to restrict access to the ballots are emboldened by the President’s statements”. (Speri, 2017, para. 14)


    (Newkirk II, Vann R., November 8 2016). What early voting in North Carolina actually reveals. The Atlantic. Retrieved from
    (Speri, Alice, January 26 2017). Trump’s obsession with faux voter fraud sets the state for Federal voter suppression. The Intercept. Retrieved from

    (Stern, Mark Joseph, October 31 2016). America Is Already In The Midst Of A Voter Suppression Crisis. Slate. Retrieved from

  8. Leane

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Leane Valor
    DATE: March 9, 2017
    SUBJECT: In-Class Writing, Jargon Online Memo

    This memo is intended to explain a specific term by using context examples from several online sources, in order to deliver a better explanation of the term using it context to the targeted audience.

    Edmund S. Higgins in his article “Is Mental Health Declining?” speaks about the deterioration of mental health across country. Regardless of the fact that more people have access to mental health professionals and many medications available on the market statistics shows that mental illness incidents are on the rise. More people are awarded disability status and take medications in comparison to few decades back. Also in the latest years there weren’t any new developments in medication for mentally ill and some pharmaceutical companies canceled the research programs. However, several studies indicate that psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy shows promising result, but due to government regulations it is hard for researchers to have the access to psychedelics in order to conduct further research.

    In his article E. Higgins states that “…there is one unique , promising treatment that is struggling to get approval: psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy” (Higgins, 2017, p.21)

    The term Psychedelic-Assisted is mentioned in the online articles written by Natalie Ginsberg, Dan Entmacher, and online articles and website of California Institute of Integral Studies

    “Psychedelic-assisted therapy has not only proven effective in alleviating terminally ill patients’ anxiety, but has also yielded promising results in treating a variety of intractable psychological conditions over the years” (Ginsberg,2014, para. 2).

    “Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy tends to allow a client’s inner healer to emerge and take over the healing process from within, in what can only be described as a “flow.”(Entmacher, 2016, para. 8).

    “The Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Research Certificate serves a growing need for the training of skilled therapist researchers who will ideally seek advanced training for future FDA-approved psychedelic-assisted and entactogen-assisted psychotherapy research” (California Institute of Integral Studies, 2017. para.3).

    Ginsberg, N. (2014, March 18). What psychedelic research can teach us about mental health? We are the Drug Policy Allliance. Retrieved from

    Entmacher, D. (2016, April 16). Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy: What You Need to Know About the Coming Sea Change in Mental Health. Dan Entmacher Psychotherapy
    Retrieved from

    California Institute of Integral Studies. (2017). Certificate of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy and Research. California Institute of Integral Studies Retrieved from

    Higgins, E.S. (2017, January- February) Is mental health declining? Scientific American Mind 28(1) p.20-21

  9. Shirley

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Shirley Adelson
    DATE: March 23 , 2017
    SUBJECT: ENG 1133, In- class Writing, Jargon Online Memo

    This memo is design to explore a particular keyword also know as jargon in an article by Maria Castellucci titled, “TeamHealth will pay $60 million to settle CMS overbilling claims”. With this keyword, we will use outside articles to see how this jargon is used in other or same context. The jargon being referred is overbilling, and or overbill.

    As a healthcare administrator you come across many legal issues you have to face in the area of being a hospital administrator. Maria Castellucci illustrates such challenges in her article called, “TeamHealth will pay $60 million to settle CMS overbilling claims”. It is said in her article that physicians were accused of overbilling medicare to get higher payments on claims and now the physicians will have to pay $60 million to settle the case because investigator found that hospitalist billed more services in one day then could not possibly have been done in a 24-hours period.

    In the article the jargon, overbilling, is used to express the important and main issues in the context.“IPC, a physician group practice TeamHealth purchased in 2015, allegedly encouraged its hospitalist to overbill Medicare and Medicaid” (Castellucci, February 6, 2017, p.5).

    The term overbilling is used in the following cite:

    “UnitedHealth Group, one of the nation’s largest health insurers, is accused in a scheme that allowed its subsidiaries and other insurers to improperly overbilling Medicare by “hundreds of millions — and likely billions — of dollars,” according to a lawsuit made public on Thursday at the Justice Department’s request.”
    (Walsh, W.,W. (February 16, 2017). Scheme Tied to UnitedHealth Overbilled Medicare for Years, Suit Says.The New York Times. Retrieved from

    “Morgan Stanley will pay $13 million to settle civil charges, after it overbilled some of its wealth management clients because of coding and other billing system errors, U.S. regulators said Friday.”
    (Lynch, N. S.. (January 13, 2017). Morgan Stanley to pay $13 million for overbilling clients: SEC. Reuters-Money. Retrieved from

    “Under the agreement with the SEC, the firm was censured and will pay a $3.2 million disgorgement, $800,000 in interest and a $14.3 million penalty. It also agreed to remediate all overbilling, set up new advisory agreements with clients whose contracts are missing and put a hyperlink to the SEC order on its website.”
    (Jr. Schoeff, M. (January 26, 2017). SEC hits Citigroup advisory unit with $18.3 million penalty for overbilling clients. Investment News. Retrieved from

  10. Anelsy R

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Anelsy Rodriguez
    DATE: 03/09/2017
    SUBJECT: IN-Class Writing Assignment, jargon Online Memo

    This memo will explain some technical terms in the article from the magazine as a reference. the words that I going to use are audibility, unamplified, and sound.

    In the article “” Stereophonic Recording”” by Gary Galo tells us about how the history of the stereophonic recording. Also mention the audibility between different kind of amplified, and the recording techniques for unamplified the audio. the author tells how the brand Mercury use the technique of a single-microphone to remainder of the mono era. The sound of this recording puts the people who are listening in the living present of the band, or orchestra.

    Galo, G. (2014, April). Stereophonic Recording. Audio Xpress. 45(4), 22-25


    “The audio world has some interesting problems. A particularly vexing one—that we generally don’t think about much because it makes our heads hurt—involves what we call “audibility.
    This problem arises a lot as we introduce higher resolution, greater bandwidth, and improved other audio qualities to our audio systems. We want to know: can we hear the difference? If we can, then we say such an improvement is “audible,” and if we can’t, we say it isn’t” (Moulton, para 1-2)
    Moulton (n.d.). What do we mean by Audibility?. Recording. Retrieved from

    ‘unamplified ’

    “We love to be a rock ‘n’ roll band … but we have a really deep passion for unamplified music and the rooms that can support it,” Carlile said at the start of the show, her second of two nights at the North Side theater. “It means more than I can say to have every seat full tonight and to (have you) check out our band”(Johnson, para. 5).
    Johnson, S. (2014, Nov. 21 ). Why unamplified music makes for a better live show. Chicago Tribute. Retrieved from


    “It’s been said that sound is a way of “touching at a distance.” It reaches out from the distant past, too – like a sudden mental switch across time, connecting us at a visceral level with a long gone age. When we turn up the volume of history, we’re no longer detached witnesses: we find ourselves fully immersed in the extraordinary sensory worlds of our ancestors. Instead of looking back at them through a telescope, as they fumble and fight their way through some of the great dramatic episodes of the human story, we are – for a moment at least – right there with them” (Hendy, para. 3).
    Hendy, D. (2014, Jan. 23). 10 Sounds That Changed The Course Of History. The Huffington Post. Retrieved from

  11. Jose A. Jimenez

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Jose A. Jimenez
    DATE: 03/09/2017
    SUBJECT: In-Class Writing, Online Connections Memo

    In this assignment, I will be using the jargon cyclical, luminaries, and in the article “The Shine Comes Off Silicon Valley” by Anne Wiener. Then, I will include three web pages that use the jargons that I selected from the article; for the assignment, and cite them in the memo.

    The article by Anne Wiener is about how Silicon Valley is a cyclical place that is losing its sparkle maybe because the people there are just regular people like the ones in New York and Texas or because Silicon Valley owes a lot of debt to the financial sector.

    “For those industries that are characterized as cyclical, the degree and timing of these fluctuations vary widely—the industries that experience only modest gains during expansionary periods may also suffer only mildly during contractions, and those that recover faster from recessions may also feel the impact of a downturn earlier and more strongly than other industries” (Jay & Janet, 1997 para. 1).
    Jay, B. & Janet, P. (1997) Which industries are sensitive to business cylces?. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Retrieved from

    “These are the new luminaries — creative alchemists and mindful influencers of our human/social evolution for good” (Satya, Aug 5, 2011 para. 5)
    Satya, C. (2011, Aug. 5) 39 Luminaries transforming society: creative alchemy, social evolution + mindful influence. Satya Colombo. Retrieved from

    “One answer is that millennials, the first people to come of age in the 21st century, with its dizzying rate of technological change, have been forced to invent new ways of navigating it”
    (Sam, Aug. 15, 2014 para. 4)
    Sam, T. (2014, Aug. 15) Generation nice. Sam Tanenhaus. NY Times. Retrieved from

  12. Shameena

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Shameena Rahaman
    DATE: March 09, 2017
    SUBJECT: Article Summary Memo

    I was asked to draft a memo summarizing the article “ Evaluating risk analytics” written by Eli Nelson. I also was asked to identify an example of a jargon and then make a connection between google search and the way the jargon is used in the article.
    Nelson’ article addressed the evolution of traditional law firm office keeping style to a more modern and advanced one. Law firms had not only employed the use of technology in their book keeping but it is also used in the legal aspect of business as well. E-Discovery is new big thing in the legal department. With this new invention, attorneys and paralegals are able to avoid piles of paperwork and do their filing of legal documents electronically. However, just as technology comes with great advantages, it also comes with disadvantages. One of the few disadvantages that technology have in a law firm is that it complicates traditional interpretations of legal issues like jurisdiction and how apply guidance around retention, security, interoperability and use. Each industry have its own sets of rules and laws as such data reporting, retention and disclosure requirements, general obligations concerning data handling such as those around personally identifiable information are subject to export control requirements. (Nelson, E (October 2016). Evaluating risk analytics. Legaltech News, 42-43)

    The term E-Discovery is defined as:
    “Electronic discovery (also called e-discovery or ediscovery) refers to any process in which electronic data is sought, located, secured, and searched with the intent of using it as evidence in a civil or criminal legal case. E-discovery can be carried out offline on a particular computer or it can be done in a network. Court-ordered or government sanctioned hacking for the purpose of obtaining critical evidence is also a type of e-discovery.”
    (Rouse, M. (September 2010). Electronic discovery. Search Financial Security. (

  13. Daniel

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Daniel. O. L
    DATE: March 9, 2017
    SUBJECT: Online Connections Memo

    The following includes how often the chosen jargon word is used throughout the engineering profession, Such small and common term used, rack. The article shows the reveal of a new design for a power source while giving a kind of spec review.

    “The multi-cell design reduces the rack footprint and is ideal for tight space requirements, such as in standby float applications, the company notes. PowerSafe OGi batteries feature extended posts for easier measurement access and high-impact, clear plastic containers for internal inspection.”
    (Francoeur, 2017, para 2.)
    Renée Francoeur, R. (2017, Jan.4). EnerSys expands backup power solutions with PowerSafe OGi batteries. Electrical Business.

    The term rack is used so often as supported by the use in the following sites

    “In order to shrink data centers down to the size of a chip, a new data center network design is needed. “These integrated racks-on-chip will be networked, internally and externally, with both optical circuit switching (to support large flows of data) and electronic packet switching (to support high-priority data flows),” according to the article.
    Doug Ramsey, (2013, Nov, 4). Are Racks-on-Chip the Future of Data Centers?
    Retrived from

    “Temperature distribution, air flow characteristics and thermal management of data centers racks array are predicted and evaluated for the different arrangements..”
    Collection of Nada, Elfeky, Attia, Alshaer, (in period D). CFD investigations of data centers’ thermal performance for different configurations of CRACs units and aisles separation. Retrived from

    “The metered and switched rack PDUs aim to help IT and facilities managers effectively and productively manage power capacity and functionality for critical network, server and data centre equipment.”
    Anthony Capkun, (2010, Oct, 08). APC by Schneider next-generation rack PDUs. ebmag
    Retrieved from

  14. Adrian Valarezzo

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Adrian Valarezo
    DATE: 3/9/2017
    SUBJECT: Online Writing, Connection Memo

    In this memo i will discuss a technical word used in law to described someone who has been forgiven, or let go and set free known as exoneration, in the article named “America’s first DNA exoneree” by Fred Jewell.
    “America’s first DNA exoneree” by Fred Jewell. Is about how DNA has changed the process of convicting someone in the criminal justice system. On August 1989 Gary Dotson was exonerated from crime he was accused of but did not commit. Dotson’s Lawyer had independent DNA lab work done to find that both Dotson and the victim had type B blood but failed to mention that the type A blood found at the crime scene should have excluded Dotson. Due to the independent DNA lab work done Dotson was the first person to be exonerated in the united states due to DNA lab work.

    “It was the first exoneration of an innocent prisoner in the United States based on postconviction DNA testing” F.J., ( January, 2017). America’s First DNA Exoneree. Times.

    I will now present three online article where the word exonerated is used.

    “That information is out there, and they don’t want me to have it because it’s exonerating evidence,” J.M., (March 9, 2017). The Latest in the Search for a Missing Recording That Might Exonerate a Murder Convict. Washington City Paper.

    “For the third year in a row, a bill has been filed asking for the exoneration of the Groveland Four.” C.H., (February 22, 2017). Bill filed — again — to exonerate Groveland Four. Orlando Sentinel.

    “An attorney for a Ray Township man serving six years in prison for a New Baltimore road-rage shooting says a new witness provides details that could exonerate her client.An attorney for a Ray Township man serving six years in prison for a New Baltimore road-rage shooting says a new witness provides details that could exonerate her client.” J.C., (March 1, 2017). Attorney: New witness in road rage shooting could exonerate client. Macomb Daily.

  15. Isaiah

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Isaiah Emanuel
    DATE: March 9, 2017
    SUBJECT: In-Class Writing, Jargon Online Memo

    The article entitled, “Subway Deaths Haunt Those at Trains’ Controls’”, with author Matt Flegenheimer was obtained from The New York Times website is about the trauma experienced by Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Train Operators after fatal train accidents. Some Train Operators lose feeling below the waist, other Train Operators can not sleep after fatal accidents.

    Macabre is used in the article entitled “Subway Deaths Haunt Those at Trains’ Controls” in the following sentence. Kevin Ortiz, a spokesman for the authority, said operators were often asked to “observe the results of the impact” — the macabre scene on the track — so they could communicate with first responders about the passenger’s condition and begin helping investigators gather information after a death. (Matt, 2013, para 17 ).

    Macabre is used in the article entitled “At Home With the Macabre” in the following sentence. Disclosing a property’s macabre past may seem like the ethical thing to do, and buyers or renters are likely to discover it on their own anyway, but some argue that when marketing a home, brokers should keep certain things secret. (Rosen, 2016, para 17 ).

    Macabre is used in the article entitled “The macabre fate of ‘beating heart corpses’” in the title.

    Macabre is used in the article entitled “Danse Macabre” in the title.

    Rosen, K. (2016, November 24). At Home With the Macabre. The New York Times. Retrieved from
    Gorvett, K. (2016, November 4). The macabre fate of ‘beating heart corpses’. Retrieved from
    Matt F. (2013, Jan 3). Subway Deaths Haunt Those at Trains’ Controls. The New York Times. Retrieved from, D. (2013, March 18). Danse Macabre. The New Yorker. Retrieved from

  16. sonja

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Sonja Goulbourne
    DATE: March 9, 2017
    SUBJECT: In class writing. The use of Jargon in online research.

    Summary: In the article, “The U.S. Constitution Is Impossible to Amend, ” the author, Eric Posner explores and argues the difficulties one would face in amending the US Constitution. The author outlines the reasons for those difficulties, including the contributions made by the founding fathers and steps needed to create an amendment.

    According to Posner, “Any proposal to amend the Constitution is idle because it’s effectively impossible.” (Posner)

    Additional articles that address the Constitution include:
    “Shock swept through the room as Mr. Trump confirmed one of our chief concerns about him: He lacked a basic knowledge of the Constitution.” (Mcmullin E. 2016).
    (Mcmullin E. (5 December 2016). “Trump’s threat to the constitution.” Retrieved from

    “Although the president has relinquished day-to-day management of his businesses, his critics say his continued ownership interest means he effectively receives benefits from foreign entities, in violation of the Constitution.” (Hamburger T. (8 March 2016) “Watchdogs ask U.S. attorney to investigate Trump over foreign business deals” Retrieved from

    “Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump advocated for a literal interpretation of the Constitution during the third, and final debate, on Wednesday.” (Craven J. (19 October 2016). “Here’s why it’s not cool that donald trump wants the constitution interpreted the way the founding fathers did.” Retrieved from

  17. Zeeshan Ahmad

    TO: Professor Jason W. Ellis
    FROM: Zeeshan Ahmad
    DATE: March 09, 2017
    SUBJECT: In-Class Writing, Online Connections Memo

    This purpose of this memo is to introduce Rob Glass’s article, “Better light for a better environment”, and will also describe that how the word “spectral content” of this article connects to the writing we find online on three different websites.

    This article gives a brief introduction of the LED and how it is better for the environment. Different associations describes that people now a day gives preference on warmer color temperature lights over cooler temperature lights. High quality LEDs enables the transition to the better environment.

    “We now have a light source that can be tailored in spectral content, design and layout to efficiently meet the application-specific and environmental goals” (Glass, 2016, p. 17).

    Following are the websites that has used the term “spectral content” in their contents.
    “Some representative examples have been shown where an optimal reconstruction was not achieved by using a single interrogating pulse. Instead it was necessary to use a sequential imaging procedure, similar to the frequency-hopping technique, utilizing two different pulses with different spectral content” (Fhager, Hashemzadeh, & Persson, 2006, p. 1603).

    Fhager A., Hashemzadeh P., & Persson M. (2006). Reconstruction Quality and Spectral Content of an Electromagnetic Time-Domain Inversion Algorithm. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 53, 1594-1604. Retrieved from

    “Even though it is well known that breath-sound amplitude (BSA) increases with airflow, the exact quantitative relationships and their distribution within the relevant frequency range have not yet been determined. To evaluate these relationships, the spectral content of tracheal and chest wall breath sounds was measured during breath hold, inspiration, and expiration in six normal men” (Gavriely & Cugell, 1996, para. 1).

    Gavriely N, & Cugell D.W. (1996). Airflow effects on amplitude and spectral content of normal breath sounds. Retrieved from

    “Fourier analysis is commonly used to estimate the spectral content of a measured signal” (Wickramarachi, 2003, para 1).

    Wickramarach P. (2003). Effects of windowing on the spectral content of a signal., Retrieved from

  18. Leonardo Calegare

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Leonardo Calegare
    DATE: March 09, 2017
    SUBJECT: In-Class Writing, Jargon Online Memo

    This memo will center around the legal jargon: “sue.” It is important to note that not the definition of the jargon will not be presented, but rather how the meaning of the word is used in context to different sentences from different webpages. The jargon itself comes up originally in the article by Jeff Stein called: “Mike Flynn, Security Risk – Trump’s National Security Adviser Resigned Over Secret Talks With Russia. But How Did He Even Get the Job?”

    Stein, J. (March 3, 2017). Mike Flynn, security risk – Trump’s national security adviser resigned over secret talks with Russia. But how did he even get the job? Newsweek, 168(08), 12-15.

    The article exposes the bureaucracy that people have to go through in order to get the truth out of governmental officials. Jeff Stein had to literally sue multiple federal agencies with a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) complaint, in order to bring to light the dealing of Trump’s national security adviser Mike Flynn talks with Russian dignitaries, how against the law Flynn started taking money from RT, Moscow’s propaganda TV outlet, and how no one in the Government is taking serious action to bring Flynn to justice, not even the President, who might be implicated as well.

    “In January, I sued several federal agencies to find out not just the vetting of Flynn but also other top appointees in the Trump administration with dodgy foreign ties.” (Stein, 2017, p. 12)

    Continuing, the jargon will further be exemplified as it was retrieved from the following three websites: “New York Daily News,” article by Christian Red; “San Francisco Gate,” article by Kurtis Alexander; and “Daily Mail,” article by Zara Rubin.

    ““We can sue for child support, but the law doesn’t allow us to sue Reyes for not being a good parent to his child,” [Attorney Steven] Gildin told the Daily News late Monday.” (Red, 2017, para. 3)
    Red, Christian. (2017, March 14). Mets’ Jose Reyes sued by model ex-girlfriend over love child. New York Daily News. Retrieved from

    “The city of Vacaville is facing pressure to clean up its water supplies after an environmental group sued this week over the amount of chromium-6 in groundwater.” (Alexander, 2017, para. 1).
    Alexander, Kurtis. (2017, March 14). Vacaville sued over ‘Erin Brockovich’ contaminant in water supply. San Francisco Gate. Retrieved from

    “James Woods is being sued for mistakenly identifying a Bernie Sanders supporter as the woman who gave a Nazi salute at a Donald Trump rally in Chicago last year. (Rubin, 2017, para. 1).
    Rubin, Zara. (2017, March 13). EXCLUSIVE: James Woods is sued for $3 million by 64-year-old Bernie Sanders supporter charging that she received death threats after the actor mistakenly identified her as a NAZI supporter in his tweet. Daily Mail. Retrieved from

  19. Ronald Hinds

    TO: Professor Ellis

    FROM: Ronald C. Hinds

    SUBJECT: OnLine Writing, Connections Memo

    DATE: March 23, 2017

    This is a memorandum to record the meaning and definition of key word(s) or jargon used in a technical writing context. This effort will make it easier for the audience members to clearly understand their usage. In his article titled, “Currency Paper Problem,” Kenneth Rogoff posits that there are many challenges that society faces vis a vis paper currency. In attempts to fight illicit activity in the underground economy, some countries use biometric technology, to monitor the population.

    Cash is not always demanded, as in the past, to carry out financial transactions. Plastic is used when making many purchases. People write checks or send money via Western Union for example. Cash is, however, used in the underground economy. I remember reading in the newspaper that Saddam Hussein allegedly had enormous amounts of $100 bills stashed away. One way of stopping the hoarding of these large bills including the 500-euro note is by phasing them out. In India 1.1 billion people had their biometric data recorded; their retinas are recorded and the images are kept in data banks. Rogoff, quite correctly, raises privacy concerns.


    Rogoff, K. (2017, March/April). Currency paper problem. MIT Technology Review. Vol 120| No. 2.

    The following sentence(s) capture the use of and meaning of “biometrics:”A facial recognition system, for instance, uses a camera to capture an image of a person’s face. The photograph is then recorded and processed using biometrics software.”

    Christensson, P. (2012, January). Biometrics Definition. Retrieved from

    The following sentence(s) capture the use of and meaning of “biometrics:”

    Biometric identification authenticates secure entry, data or access via human biological information such as DNA or fingerprints.

    Stoltzfus, J. (2017) New Advances in Biometrics: A More Secure Password. Retrieved from

    The following sentence(s) capture the use of and meaning of “biometrics:”

    Biometrics is the application of mathematics and statistics to problems with a biological component, including the problems in agricultural, environmental, and biological sciences as well as medical science.

    Keinan, A. (2017, March). What is biometry. Retrieved from


    Christensson, P. (2012, January). Biometrics Definition.

    Keinan, A. (2017, March). What is biometry.

    Rogoff, K. (2017, March/April). Currency paper problem. MIT Technology Review.
    Stoltzfus, J. (2017) New Advances in Biometrics: A More Secure Password.

  20. Sandra Huerta

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Sandra Huerta
    DATE: March 2, 2017
    SUBJECT: In-Class Writing, Online Connections Memo

    The purpose of this memorandum is to give a brief explanation on the article I choose this week, “The Authentication Battle,” by Douglas Leney and Daniel Farino published by Legal Tech News. I will also provide Internet sources that show further information about authentication related to technology.

    The internet has changed the way we communicate with each other, this new era has affected our personal relationships and has provided another way of living called social media where some of us provide information about our daily lives. Conversation, pictures or videos provide evidence that can be raised in court. Although every court is different most courts ask that the social media evidence be in accordance to the Federal Rule of Evidence 901. As explained by Douglas Leney and Daniel Farino, “ A proponent should be able to demonstrate that the information in the exhibit in question appeared on the referenced website and that it reflects the information as appeared on the website,” this means that information to be used as evidence cannot be altered or changed.

    The word authentication also appears in the following websites.

    “Today’s mobile and digital experiences need authentication strategies that keep up with the constantly changing digital ecosystem, and simple passwords are not enough”
    Retrieved from

    “User authentication is one of the basic components of any cyber security program.”
    Retrieved from

    Authentication systems have traditionally relied on a single layer of protection, including SMS, tokens, push notifications and biometrics.
    Retrieved from

    Douglas, Leney. Farino, Daniel. (December 2015). The Authentication Battle. Legal Tech News, P. 36.

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