Wrapping Things Up

Hello, all!

I hope that the end of the semester is wrapping up in a positive way for you all.

As you know, today at midnight is the official deadline for everything due in our class. This includes the weekly summaries, final notebooks, research essay, and final exam. You can scroll through below for details on each of these or click on “Assignments” in the menu to the left.

Some folks have asked for extensions for a few days, which I have happily granted. If you need some extra time and haven’t touched base with me yet, please send me an email with some details on what you need to get done and when you can complete it. My email address is jellis at citytech.cuny.edu.

The latest that I can agree to is Tuesday, May 26 as grades are due and I need time to complete grading before the deadline. But, as I said, email me if you need that extra time so that I know to expect your work, otherwise I will submit grades when I have received everything that I am expecting to see submitted late.

Above all else, email me at jellis at citytech.cuny.edu if you have any questions. I’m near the computer, so I’ll get back to you relatively quickly.

Good luck with everything, and remember to stop by and see me when we’re back on campus. I’d like to find out how everyone is doing and we can talk Science Fiction.

Best, Professor Ellis

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