Assignment: Posting Your Final Research Essay

You’ll want to submit your final research essay as a post to our OpenLab site by the end of the day of the last day of class on May 20. You’re welcome to turn it in early, too. If something comes up to prevent you from turning it on time, please drop me an email letting me know what’s going on and when you think that you can submit your work.

Below, I’m including a video demonstrating how to post your research essay to our OpenLab site. Further below, I have a set of screenshots that highlight the main points that I talk about in the video.

Screencast Showing How to Publish Your Research Essay to Our OpenLab Site

Steps for Publishing Your Research Essay to Our OpenLab Site

First, login to OpenLab. Then, navigate to our OpenLab site. Next, mouseover the plus and click on Post.
Add a check mark next to "Student Research Essay" under Categories.
Click in "Add title" and add your title and byline. Then, click in "Start writing" and paste your research essay from your word processor here.
In your essay, remember to center your title following your MLA name block and center the "Works Cited" title at the end of your essay.
Click Publish and then click Publish again to publish your work to our OpenLab site. Navigate back to our OpenLab site to confirm that it is in fact published.

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