Announcement: Update for 3/11

As you all should know, we are collectively dealing with a new virus that is creating challenges that we’ll need to overcome in order to successfully complete our class (and of course, do all of the other things that we need to do outside of class).

First, I want everyone to know that I don’t want attending our class to be an undue burden or a source of excessive anxiety. If you don’t feel safe attending class in the short term, you can keep up with our class on our OpenLab site ( where I post lecture videos and the weekly writing assignments. For the midterm notes assignment, you can, as I said in our previous class, submit your notebook as a scanned PDF or a physical notebook.

Second, as long as City Tech remains open, I will hold class and office hours as regularly scheduled. Being in class does give some advantages to in-person students, such as tomorrow, when we will watch videos of SF film serials. However, I will post links to those videos so that students who are not in class can view them on their own time. Of course, this means that students who don’t attend will need to set aside time for class work and have Internet connectivity to view/download videos. Keep in mind that there are alternative ways to get online from NYCLink, to NYPL and BKPL to other CUNY Libraries (which may be closer to where you live).

Third, if you feel ill or sick, please see a doctor and stay home, working remotely from there. I post everything related to class on the OpenLab site, and if you have any questions about anything relating to the class, you can email me or your classmates.

Fourth, these guidelines are for my class alone. You should check with your other professors about how they intend to run their classes for now. And, these policies might be superseded by new guidelines from CUNY or City Tech, which I will incorporate and communicate to you all as they come into effect.

Be well and good luck!

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