After Class Writing: Science Fiction Film and Forbidden Planet

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    Brianna Grant
    Eng2420 E255 Science Fiction
    Prof. Ellis
    City Tech
    4 November 2017

    During lecture on November 1,2017 Professor Ellis expounded on the topic of Science Film and Forbidden Planet. He elaborated on the question of, How science fiction literature functions differently than science fiction film does? Professor Ellis also provided essential authors and works of the 1950s- that are related to the subject.
    He began lecture by stating the three characteristics that separate science fiction film and science fiction literature. First, he states that “Marshall McLuhan’s famous work “The Medium is the Message” that argues that the medium that a work is presented in, will shape the story as a result of the many events I which the story is being told. Secondly, he states that science fiction literature deals with ideas using words that allows us to see a characters mind, in comparison to science fiction film.” Lastly, he states that by giving ideas a visual shape adaptation is acquired as a result. All in all, science fiction film does things that science fiction literature cannot do. Hence, this is because it uses illusion to make the imagined seemingly real and also constrains our imagination in the same way listening to a song does.
    Next, Professor Ellis provides examples of essential science fiction films. The first is the first science film ever, that was directed by George Amelie’s in 1902 entitled “Le voyage dans lune.” “Le voyage dans lune” is a silent film and was heavily based on Jewels and H.G Wells “The First Man of the Moon.” Second, was a silent film entitled “Metropolis “(1926) that was directed by Fritz Lang. This film was based off of the dehumanization through industrialization, salvation through humanism and difficulty of archive. Lastly, the movie that we watched during lecture entitled “Forbidden Planet” (1956). “Forbidden Planet” was produced by MGM (Metro Gordon Machines) and after McLeod Wilcox. Subsequently, it was based on an original story and Shakespeare’s (1611) “The Tempist” that was also performed in 1623.

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    Rebecca Delgado
    ENG 2420
    Professor Ellis
    November 7, 2017

    In class we learned the difference between SF in film and literature. Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase, “The medium is the message.” He meant that how the story is presented (film, book, radio) is how it will shape the message of it. SF literature deals with showing the character’s ideas through words. It gives up an analytic access into the character’s mind. SF film shows ideas through illusion by giving it visual shape. It may do a voiceover to let the audience know what the character is thinking or the character will show us how they feel through facial and body language. SF film uses illusion to make the imagined seemingly real compared to literature. However, film has a constraint as we all interpret things differently so what we read on a book then see on the movie adaptation may be different from what we imagined.
    The film watched in class is called Forbidden Planet. It was directed by Fred McLeod Wilcox and came out in 1956, produced by MGM. Unlike the SF movies that came out that were film adaptations of books, this was an original story based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Morbious, his daughter Altaira, Commander JJ Adams and Robbie the Robot are amongst the main characters. It is set on the planet Altair IV, which was inhibited by the Krell aliens. A group of space cadets are sent to find scientists sent there years before to discover a dark creature. After the dark creature kills Doc, then Morbius the planet was blown up to get rid of it.

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    Saif Ahmed
    Prof. Ellis
    ENG 2420

    During class Science Fiction Film was mentioned as the class was getting ready to watch the Forbidden Planet which was produced in 1956 and Directed by Fred M. Wilcox and this movie was based on Shakespeare and not Science Fiction written in 1611 and the performance was 1623. We talked about Marshall McLuhan and he said that the medium is the message and he argues that any medium whether it be TV. Radio Etc. that each time a story is told through a medium which will shape the story for each medium. We also said that Technology shapes the message. Now the forbidden planet is about a man and his team go searching for a lost Scientist because in the past the earth was attacked by creatures un explainable so the Scientists of the earth took care of them but because these creatures lost they took the Scientists and kept them against their will on a planet distant from earth. The team goes searching and found the Scientist his daughter and a robot that cannot be reasoned with so easily, they were warned because terrible events will go on if any human is to set foot on this planet again. So the crew makes a border of where they landed and people started getting killed and they start going to war with the creature and it is neutralized. Also the Doctor shows how intelligent these creatures are by showing them an underground facility which was build years ago. The protagonist then finds out that it is people conscious that is in constant struggle in between the top of the brain and the bottom of the brain so it creates this invisible being that is aggressive and kills any one in sight and this was created because the Scientist told them not to land and was mad at his daughter which made it worse so it started attacking them. They went underground and because the being can use the energy stored underground it can rip through a indestructible sheet of metal using that energy so the Scientist dies killing the invisible being or creature. The daughter leaves with the crew back to earth after burying her father. The movie taught the viewers that the mind is always in a constant struggle and sometimes our conscious makes us do the wrong thing so that is why we should be careful of what we are thinking as it would have repercussions later. Also this was shaped through a TV medium and made the viewers feel as if it was really happening.

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    Jia Du
    ENG2420 Science Fiction
    Professor: Ellis

    The Professor Started the class off with Science Fiction up to the 1950s. He discussed about how Science Fiction literature is different from SF film. He also discussed about, when SF story is told through multiple media, it slightly shapes how it is told. In addition SF literature deals with ideas with words while film deal ideas by giving them a visual shape. An example of this would be the film War of the Worlds where the author used red in aliens to symbolize communism where the aliens invade the country. Other things we also discussed was SF film does things SF literature can’t do, SF can strain our imagination.
    The First SF film was directed by Georges Melies; he was the first SF film maker. Some of the popular works were Le voyge dans la lune (1902) or Voyage to the moon. The next film he made is Metropolis Fritz Lange (1926). The Film Frankenstein (1931) was directed by James Whale and Boris Karloff played the monster. Other films the professor mentioned was The Thing from Another World (1951), Who goes there (1938) by Dawn A. Steward, The Earth Stood Still (1951) Harry Bates, This Island Earth (1955) by Raymond F Jones, Forbidden Planet (1956) by Fred M. Wilcox who worked for MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayer.
    After the Lecture, we watched the Film Forbidden Planet. In the Film it is about a Crew in the spaceship goes to a foreign planet to recover a lost team but they were to only find the Scientist and his daughter. During their stay, they discovered the planets original superior race was extinct for an unknown reason leaving behind powerful technology and research. When showing the soldiers, the technology, they were astonished and want them to be shared to everyone back home but the scientist refused. As they stayed longer the dangerous it became. There was a unknown monster killing the soldiers one by one without being seen. They later discovered that the monster was created from the Scientist subconscious Id. The only way to stop the monster was the death of the scientist. Before he died he set the self-destruction button for the facility/ planet. Before the planet exploded, the remainder of the troops escaped with the scientist only daughter and robot.

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    Justin Tam
    Professor Ellis
    November 8, 2017

    “The medium is the messenger.” This quote by Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980) means that the different mediums in which stories are told shapes how the story is told. The two mediums Professor Ellis compared in the lecture is literature and SF films. Literature tells the ideas through words, there is explanation for the readers. SF films tells the ideas through seeing the visual shapes. On one hand, SF films can use illusion to make the imagined look real while literature can’t but on the other hand, SF films can limit our imagination because the imagined has already been visually produced for us. Often times, this can be said of any literature vs films.
    The SF film we watched in class was called “Forbidden Planet” (1956) which was produced by MGM and directed by Fred Mcleod Wilcox. The film is about a commander, John Adams, of a crew sent to the planet Altair IV in search of any surviving scientists. Upon arrival, communication was made and the scientist who turns out to be Dr. Morbius warns the crew to not land which John ignores and lands anyway. John then meets Dr. Morbius and his daughter Altaira and he finds out that they are the only two surviving humans in the planet because a monster killed the rest of the scientists. Suspiciously enough, the monster did not kill Dr. Morbius and his daughter even after all this time. We later learned the reason is because the monster is pure energy supplemented by Dr. Morbius’ Id (Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of superego, ego, and Id) via the krell machine. As Dr. Morbius learns that John wants to take Altaira back to earth, Dr. Morbius’ Id increase through hate/anger, increasing the power of the monster. In the end, Dr. Morbius dies along with the monster, we scene ends with John, Altaira and his crew flying away aboard the starhip and the krell machine exploding and destroying the planet.

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    Konstantinos Perselis
    ENG2420, Professor Ellis

    In last week’s class we discussed about Science fiction up to the 1950s, and how Science Fiction literature is different from SF films. We discussed how when the SF story’s is being told through different types of media that media tends to shape the story and how it’s told. SF literature deals with ideas using words while SF films deals the ideas through visual shape. One example given to us in class was the film War of the Worlds and in the author used red to symbolize communism. After we learned about Georges Melies he was the first SF film maker and some of his most popular works were Le voyge dans la lune 1902 or Voyage to the moon, Metropolis Fritz Lange 1926. After the lecture we saw the movie Forbidden Planet and SF film about a Crew in the spaceship goes to another planet to recover a lost team but them only fond the Scientist and his daughter. During the crews stay they started to learn more about the ancient species that used occupy the planet and as time went on the crew started to realize why only the scientist and his daughter survived the monster that killed the last crew it’s because the scientist connected with the alien tech and when the scientist has like this other self that he doesn’t know about because was the scientist subconscious, so the only way to stop the monster was to kill the scientist, so before the scientist died he put a self-destruction to destroy the planet, and everybody else escaped.

  7. Profile photo of Brian KriczkyBrian Kriczky

    Brian Kriczky
    Professor Ellis
    ENG 2420

    This class we got to watch a science fiction movie called Forbidden Planet. This movie was created in 1956, directed by Fred M. Wilcox and produced by MGM. It was the first film to have an electronic soundtrack. Watching the movie the sounds really added to the SF effect. This movie is about a group of what looks to be futuristic military personnel flying in a spaceship to investigate what happened on a distant planet. Once they reach the planet they come in contact with another human who is living there, he tells them to leave but the crew of military personnel land to investigate anyways. The man who has built a house on the planet is named Dr. Morbius, has a daughter named Altaria. He also has a robot named Robbie. Robbie has help him build his very protected house and helped him live on the planet. Robbie can do almost anything possible from making things just by analyzing ingredients, or lifting tremendous amounts of weight. Dr. Morbius has found an underground lab that was left behind by more intelligent aliens and he is attempting to solve their work. There seems to be an invisible monster that keeps attacking people and Dr. Morbius says it killed everyone else who used to live there besides him. There is some romance between Altaria and the crew that landed and she eventually becomes close to the Captain named Commander Adams and decides to leave with him. The crew is set up about to leave when they are again attacked by the monster. They see an outline of the monster from the lasers they are shooting at it. The monster comes to destroy Dr. Morbius lab while the commander, Altraria an the Dr. are inside. It is later discovered they because of a tool that enhanced Dr. Morbius brain his id created a monster that is capable of destroying anything. Morbius decides to finally face the monster and is fatally wounded.

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    Gabriel Higuera

    As we study the history of Science Fiction, the class has reached to the point where Science Fiction begins to reach a different sort of media. This era begins the trend of trans-media and films are starting to be produced. A few famous films were discussed in lecture such as: “The Thing From Another World” 1951, “The Day the Earth Stood Still” 1951, and “This Island Earth” 1955, to name a few.

    A film was showed during class, “Forbidden Planet” from 1956, an original film produced by MGM and directed by American director Fred McLeod Wilcox (1907 – 1964). This movie is noticeable for being the very first with a fully electronic soundtrack, produced by Louis and Bebe Barron. The story begins with a crew who has been in a year long journey to a faraway planet for a rescue mission with Commander JJ Adams as the Commander, where contact with a previous crew was lost. While in the planet the crew meets Morbius, the sole survivor along with his daughter Alteria and Robby the robot, where Morbius has become intelligent enough to adequately toy with the existing alien technology found in the planet. Morbius intelligence blinds him from realizing that he has become egoistic, and along with his new found wits and the immense amount of electric power found in the planet, a monster gets created. It kills some crew members and it’s not until Morbius realizes that he is to blame for all the casualties, that’s when the monster finally is defeated and the crew comes out victorious.

  9. Profile photo of Pierre PolycarpePierre Polycarpe

    Pierre Polycarpe
    Prof. Ellis
    November 8, 2017

    Last class, we see how SF film differ from SF literature. One of the first author we talked about was Marshall McLuhan’s, a Canadian professor born in July 1911 and died on December 1980. Marshall is known for one of his best work, “The Medium is the message.” The phrase was coined by Marshall and first introduced in Marshall book in 1964.
    The Forbidden planet (1956) is a SF film written by MGM however, it was produced by Nicholas Nayfack. Commander Adams and his crew took part of a special mission to vet the silence from Planet Altair. Upon arriving to planet Altair, Morbius advised Commander Adams and his crew not to land because he could not guarantee the safety of his crew and the ship but Commander Adams insisted. When Adams and his crew got there, Robby the robot came to transport Commander Adams, LT Jerry Farman and LT Doc to Morbius residence. Once they arrived, Morbius welcome them and show them that he was not in any danger. Morbius even told them he was the only one on the planet which turns out to be a lie. Morbius and his daughter Altaira have somehow managed to survive a frightful beast which wanders the planet. Morbius seems to have some type of revelation however he has no motive of sharing it to anybody. It turns out that this frightful beast was Morbius superego. It all makes sense because this beast managed to kill everyone in exception of Morbius and his daughter.

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    Jessica L. Roman
    ENG 2420-E255
    November 8, 2017
    Science Fiction Film

    This week’s lecture centered on Science Fiction Film up to the 1950s. We focused primarily on how Science Fiction film is different from Science Fiction Literature starting with Marshall McLuhan’s “The Medium is the Message”. This posits that the medium a story is told in will affect how it is told as each has its affordances and constraints. When reading Science Fiction literature ideas are expressed in words so one must think about the story analytically as it is unfolding. Also when reading one has the benefit of knowing a characters thoughts or intentions through interiority. Where as in Science Fiction film or TV the ideas are conveyed visually. We were provided the example of the Worlds films adaptation, red hues were predominate as a representation of the Cold War. Science Fiction film is able to use illusions to make the imagines seems real.

    We also discussed some of the first and most notable works in SF film. The first was “Le Voyage Dans La Lune” (1902), directed by Georges Melies which was actually based somewhat on Verne’s “earth to the Moon” and Well’s “The First Man on the Moon”. Also Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1926) which deals with dehumanization through industry. Lastly was The first American Science Fiction Film, James Whale’s Frankenstein (1931).

    After the lecture, we watched the film Forbidden Planet which as directed by Fred McCloud Wilcox and released in 1956. It is an original story but based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest. In the film, we meet Commander John Adams, and his crew who have been sent to the planet Altair IV in search of any surviving scientists. When they arrive they find the only people on the entire planet are Dr. Morbius and his daughter Altaria who are also accompanied by an incredible robot specimen Robby. Dr. Morbius is vexed by the crews arrival and explains there is no need for rescue. He explains while all the other inhabitant had died a mysterious death the doctor and his daughter have remained unharmed. After a series of unexplainable events, we learn the cause of the all deaths, including the crewmembers who are killed is the result of the ancient technology Dr. Morbius has been studying. This technology left by the ancient Krell fed off the deepest desires and dark intentions of his Id. In the end, Dr. Morbius dies along with the monster he created, while Altaria leaves with her newfound love, Commander Adams. Adams decides the human race as it is now is not ready for what the Krell discovered and destroys the planet.

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    Mellissa Valle
    Eng2420 E255
    Prof. Ellis

    After Class Writing: Science Fiction Film
    In Class we discussed about how literature work is different than film SF. Marshall Mcluhan (1911-1980) the father of communications and media studies ”Medium is the message” what argues the medium in which a story is is told. The medium would shape the story. For instance, reading we can know what the character are thinking, but in movies not really, what we see is the action. SF literature deals deals with ideas using words, and allow us to see inside the characters minds. SF film deals with ideas by giving them visual shape meaning we see what the author means. In 1950 the film an invasion of martians who try to take over the planet. This film does thing that SF literature can not do, it uses illusion to make imagination seem real the same way listeners to a song on the radio, different from people’s imagination.
    The first SF film was directed by George Méliès (1861-1938) le voyage dans le lune(1902) In France. Another big film SF in Germany, still a classy, “Metropolis”(1926) directed by Fritz Lang, same year than Amazing, they created a life form and discuss ideas of salvation by humanism. Another big film “Frankenstein” directed by James Whale, Boris Karloff played the monster, Colin Clive played Victor. There was an homoerotic gay adaptation. Other important works: — “The Thing from Another World(1951), shorter “The Thing”. — “Who goes where” (1988) — “The Day Earth Stood Still”(1951). –”Farewell to the Master” (1940). — “ This Island Earth”1955. — “Forbidden Planet”1956 directed by Fred McLeod Wilcox.

    Forbidden Planet”1956 produced by Nicholas Nayfack, directed by Fred McLeod Wilcox. Based on a story by Irving Block and Allen Adler.

    The film started with the scientists who travel to a distant planet. The forbidden planet because the already resident from that planet, a scientist from earth, could not assure their safety. They decided to stay and that’s when the adventure began. 🙂

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    Alex Giffen
    ENG 2420
    Prof. Ellis
    15 November 2017

    In class we discussed the original Science Fiction films and the creators of those films. There are for different characteristics of film and written works. The first is that the medium by which any story is told is going to shape that story. Second, ideas that were once told in literature now have to be further explained and shown. Science Fiction films shows ideas by giving them physical appearance, rather than just a description. Lastly, film can use illusions to give it a sense of reality, but this can also limit our imagination.

    Some other notable points of the genre are George Melies, who created ‘The Voyage to the Moon.’ There is also ‘Metropolis,’ by Fritz Lang tells how humans can reach salvation through humanization and reason. We also discussed the 1931 film ‘Frankenstein’ and its many differences to its book form. We talked about the explosion of Science Fiction movies in the 1950’s during the beginning of the Cold War era.

    We went over the the film ‘Forbidden Planet’ as well. It was produced in 1956 by MGM and directed by Fred Wilcox. It is a SF version of Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ which was originally written in 1611. The story follows Commander Adams, Lt. Farman, and Lt. ‘Doc’ Ostrow. They travel to a far away planet to find the fate of an expedition team from 20 years ago. When they arrive they find Robby the Robot who takes them to the remaining survivors. They were researching an ancient race with powerful technology, which Adams wants for Earth.

  13. Profile photo of RafMal87RafMal87

    Unfortunately, I missed class on November 1st, however I was still able to watch Forbidden Planet (1956) on TMC on Demand. What an interesting movie with a lot of plot holes and script-reading acting. Forbidden Planet was produced by MGM (Metro Gordon Machines) and directed by Fred McLeod Wilcox (1907-1964). The story tells of an obsessed scientist, Morbius, isolating himself on a dangerous planet with his daughter and his robot, called Robby the Robot who can conveniently replicate food and beverages by analyzing their chemical makeup. It is noted on sf-encyclopedia that Robby was such a big hit that another movie, The Invisible Boy, was created just to bring him back to the movies. Forbidden Planet broke the mold for many movies, being the first movie to feature an entirely electronic score, to bring sf and classical drama to the forefront with its highly developed and strong minded plot, and to earn the right to be filmed in colour. Its plot is inspired by the Shakespearean drama “The Tempest” (performed in 1623) with the lesson of hubris and its shortcomings falling on Morbius and his determination to stay on a planet that clearly doesn’t want any human inhabitants. He risks the lives of the original crew members due to his own self-importance, and, ultimately, creates his own monster which ends up being his demise. Without the scientist, the monster cannot exist and ultimately the rescue crew must kill the man they are sent to rescue in order to save themselves from his Id. The term Id is psychologically categorized as instinctual, repressed, or antisocial desires usually in a sexual or aggressive manner. The objectification of his daughter seems to have fueled Morbius’ Id, for he must remain correct in not touching his daughter, however watching all the crew act upon his desires causes him (his monster) to project his repressed aggression on them.
    According to my class mates notes, in class we discussed the beginning of sf films. The first sf film was directed by Georges Méliѐs (; he was the first SF film maker. Some of the popular works were “Le voyge dans la lune” (1902) (“Voyage to the moon”) and his second work, “Metropolis Fritz Lange” (1926). It is mentioned that “Frankenstein” (1931) was directed by James Whale and Boris Karloff played the monster. Other films the professor mentioned was The Thing from Another World (1951), Who goes there (1938) by Dawn A. Steward, The Earth Stood Still (1951) Harry Bates, This Island Earth (1955) by Raymond F Jones. The professor mentioned Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980) how he used the term “the medium is the message.” This meant that, no matter how a message is sent to the public, whether it is tv, radio, film, or literature, the story if shaped specifically for that medium, and to change that may end up changing the message. I must agree with that, as we can see with how some literatures have been made into film unsuccessfully. However, with advances in technology and good narrative, the film can pass fairly successfully in telling a story that was originally literature. Some of my disappointments are that my imagination is more fantastical than the film itself.

    1. Profile photo of Randy ValcourtRandy Valcourt

      Science fiction film beings a whole new dimension to the genre due to the fact that there are things that you can do in film that you can’t do with literature. Film is able to make illusion into reality unlike literature that forces you to use your imagination film already shows you everything that would have top be depicted in literature. There have been many SF films the first starting with “Le Voyage Dans La Lun” by George Méliès, which was based on Jules Vern’s “From the Earth to the Moon”, and H.G. wells “first men on the Moon”. Now the SF film we watched in class was called “Forbidden Planet” made by Fred M. Wilcox and it was released in 1956. In the movie a of group of soldiers are sent on a mission to another planet to find out the where about of scientist that were previously sent to the planet for scientific research and they have yet to send a form of communication over to Earth. As they approach the planet the only scientist left on the planet Dr. Edward Mobius sends a message to them warning not to enter the planet. When they make it the planet they find a baron land with a green sky and breathable conditions. They soon meet a robot, which is later revealed to the creation of Dr. Mobius left its name is Robby the Robot. Robby comes in a vehicle to take three people to the scientist. So the commander Adams and two lieutenants went to meet with the scientist upon meeting the scientist they find out that all the other scientists have died form what the Doctor describes as an unseen force. Ever since then the doctor has been alone on the planet with no one but his daughter. Later the doctor introduces them to his daughter and the wild life on the planet, which strange mimics the wildlife on earth.
      When they head back the same night they are faced with a unknown invisible beast that went inside their spaceship and destroyed some of their equipment. This won’t be the only time this happens for later after they place a barrier they face the monster again even through they were prepared they last some men fighting the beast off the next light. In desperation the commander goes to they doctor seeking answers for it turns out that the Krell who were the previous people living on the plant made inventions that Dr. Mobius and the scientist discovered and the doctor learned how to use after it altered his mind. Over the years he learned how to use the Krell technology with his mind. As they are try to stop the monster one of commander Adams lieutenants uses the krell machine to enlarge his brain so he can understand how to deal with the problem. In doing so, the lieutenant loses his life but not before giving Adams a message “the ID”. Towards the end they realized is that while the Doctor got to increase his intellect form the Krell technology the technology had a side affect that cause a part of his consciousness the “ID” to come to physical shape and terror rise everyone around him. When they find this out the Doctor ends his life saving he crew and his daughter and he destroys the planet so no one can use the Krell technology. However he left just enough time for the crew the robot and his daughter to get far way from the planets destruction.

  14. Profile photo of DavidDavid

    On this day, Professor Ellis talked about Science Fiction around the 1950’s and we watched the film, Forbidden Planet. We focused on how Science Fiction film is different from Science Fiction literature starting with Marshall McLuhan’s “The Medium is the Message”. Professor Ellis stated that Marshall McLuhan’s work “The Medium is the Message” is a work that argues that the medium that a work is presented in, will shape the story as a result of the many events in the world in which the story is being told in.

    Professor Ellis spoke of notable works in science fiction film. The first was “Le Voyage Dans La Lune” (1902), directed by Georges Melies which was based somewhat on Verne’s “Earth to the Moon” and Well’s “The First Man on the Moon”. Also, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1926) which deals with dehumanization via the industry.

    After the lecture, we watched the film Forbidden Planet which as directed by Fred McCloud Wilcox and released in 1956. It is an original story but based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The plot centers around a spacecraft that travels to the distant planet Altair IV to discover the fate of a group of scientists sent there 20 years earlier. When Commander John J. Adams and his crew arrive, they discover only two people: Dr. Morbius and his daughter, Altaira, who were born on the planet. Dr. Morbius and his daughter Altaira have somehow survived a hideous monster which roams the planet, which doesn’t appear until the end of the film.

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