Beginning of Class Writing: Marketing Materials

For today’s class, you read Amy D. Ladd, “Developing Effective Marketing Materials: Brochure Design Considerations,”, and looked at Google Docs > Template Gallery > Brochures, During the first ten minutes of today’s class, write a brief summary memo based on your reading by Ladd. Think about how your proposed deliverables serve the specific needs of marketing your client’s product and fulfilling the needs of your client’s customers. In this way, you have more than one audience for your deliverables. We will discuss others during class.

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  1. George Gordon

    To: Jason W. Ellis
    From: George Gordon
    Date: November 18th, 2015
    Subject: “Developing Effective marketing Materials: Brochure Design Considerations“

    According to this reading, brochures can be a very successful marketing strategy to utilize as they can attract a large audience and get attention. When making one you need to develop a strategy which can come down to 6 questions like purpose, benefit, audience, reaction, and company personality. A brochure should have a headline which is there to grab the reader, a subheading that answers questions or provokes curiosity. The body copy should create a visual image of the product, a focus on action words, and paragraphs should be short and to the point. Grammar and spelling are integral to the brochure and illustrations can be incorporated with captions. You should take into consideration the fonts you use, the white space being used and they bring up the rule of thirds, which is dividing the pages into thirds both horizontally and vertically. There are six parts to the brochure that need specific information and should be tailored for.

  2. Naveeda Akhtar

    TO: Professor Jason Ellis

    FROM: Naveeda Akhtar

    DATE: November 18, 2015

    SUBJECT: Marketing Materials

    Using brochures is a good way of communication in a market plan. They can be very useful in attracting attention, giving information or promoting a product or service to a target audience. Brochures can also be used to intrigue existing customers or to attract new customers. Brochures, before being made, should contain the following strategies: primary purpose, primary benefit, secondary benefit, target audience, audience reaction, and the company personality. It should also contain the description of the enterprise, description of the product or service, the contact information, hours of operation, special events or seasonal calendar, directions/map, visual elements, testimonials, and the recent publicity or news articles. The components and designs, as well as layout of the brochure, should also be considered since this is what helps to visually draw the audience to look at the brochure in the first place.

  3. Natasha95

    To:Prof J Ellis

    From:Narayani Natasha Armstrong


    Subject:Brochure Design

    In this following article, we are discussing about how to make sure that your business brochure is as clear as possible. From the uniqueness and how to make sure its directing exactly to what you have to offer for your customers. Visual Image is one of the few you must keep in mind while presenting your brochure, they need to know what they are gonna buy and how it will look. You can describe it to the specific perfection, but that does not mean they won’t buy it. People would like to have an idea of how and what they buy will help make their life easier. The business logo is another must in the brochure because, you want to be able attract your audience into your brand. They would like to know what company they are buying their product from, if you are company makes a good product that the audience likes, then they would like to buy other products from your company.

  4. ThaerT

    Today’s readings focus on an effective brochure. Brochures are an important marketing tool used to communicate merchandise or services to people. When developing a brochure it is essential to keep in mind the purpose of the brochure, who the target audience is , and what reaction you wish to get from said audience. The article advises the reader that on some useful information one should include in the brochure. Some of these include- mailing address, phone number, fax number, email address, website etc. Once you have your information gathered consider what components will be included in your brochure. Components found in any brochure include headline, subheadline, body, signature, illustrations and so on. One of the most important things to consider for the brochure is the layout. A trifold brochure is divided into three parts. When making a brochure a team should take their information and content and decide what will be inserted on each section. When done correctly brochures are a very appealing tool that can be used to persuade consumers into making purchases.

  5. Mereoni

    To: Professor Jason Ellis
    From: Mereoni Rabukawaqa
    Date: 18 November, 2015
    Subject: Marketing Materials

    Today’s reading assignment expounded on the importance of brochures and how to create and use them effectively. Ladd explains how brochures are a vital tool for communication by attracting attention, providing information, and promoting the product to any audience that brochures come by while at the same time motivating them into action. Brochures are especially effective because they last longer and can still be accessible years after they have been released.
    In order to be really effective, the producer needs to spend a significant amount of time and money and strategize well before developing their brochure. Important questions to answer include the brochures primary purpose, the benefit the product the brochure advertises it can provide customers, the audience that the brochure is targeting, what kind of reaction you want to receive from that audience, and what kind of company personality you want reflected through the brochures. The answers to these questions are what will be translated into your brochure – key information for your audience. A brochure should include a heading, subheading, body that contains company and product information, the company signature which is basically company contact information, “fine print”, and illustrations to make the brochures attractive.
    The main point of a brochure is to communicate with customers. The front cover can grab the readers attention by appealing to their needs and informing them of the benefits of the product being advertised, thus compelling them to open the brochure and seek more information. Providing well-communicated information can motivate the audience into action.

  6. simone216

    TO: Dr. Jason Ellis
    FROM: Anika Aarons
    SUBJECT: Marketing Materials
    DATE: November 18, 2015

    For today’s class the article “Developing Effective Marketing Materials: Brochure Design Considerations” by Amy D. Ladd explains the concept of a brochure and how it is used as a primary marketing material. In this article Ladd discusses the purpose of a brochure, what should it include, how to design one, and what audience should it aim. A brochure is a form of communication used to advertise and catch the attention of audiences in hopes to persuade and buy a certain product or promotion of a business. The key functional strategies needed when making a brochure is to include the primary purpose, primary benefit, secondary benefit, a target audience, audience reaction, and lastly the company personality. The next step to building a brochure is to contain useful information such as descriptions of the company’s information, such as hours of operation, special events, contact information, and most importantly descriptions of the products/services. The format of the brochure should be firstly a headline, subheading, body copy, signature, disclosures, terms or conditions, and illustrations. Illustrations are very important because the appearance is what would have to catch the eye of others in getting them to pick the brochure up to read. This article is a tremendous help in regards to our group in completing project two successfully. Mainly because it sets a guideline of what to follow to creating the perfect brochure.

  7. Yulduz Saidinova

    TO: Dr. Jason W. Ellis

    FROM: Yulduz Saidinova

    DATE: November 11, 2015

    SUBJECT: “Marketing Materials”

    This article by Ladd is about Brochures and how to design them. There are some consideration to it. Brochures can be highly effective when it comes to business because most of the times they last longer on the shelf. Brochures have important tasks such as getting customers attention and provide information. Before we will be designing brochure we have to consider few steps such as what’s the primary purpose, primary benefit, secondary benefit, target audience, audience reaction, and company personality. These steps considered as functional strategy. After we dine with these steps we have to have useful information. After we finish these steps we have to make components of a brochure. It includes common components like headline, subheadline, body copy, signature, disclosure, terms and conditions and illustrations. For the designing brochure we need to divide the page into 3 both vertically and horizontally. We have to divide the areas for specific things like body or place we put picture and so on. In the article there is a the rule of thirds for designing, it briefly describes how to make the design. Lastly we need to do brochure layout. Commonly used layout has six panels. 3 outside back flap and 3 inside front cover. Outside panel usually had business name, photographs and important headlines.Inside usually focuses on customer benefits like bullet lists and so on. Overall making brochures are the most important part of the business, because brochures contains information about our product and it has to be designed professionally. Since the customers will be getting and reading the brochures, it has to have like effect that will draw the customers to your business.

  8. Albert H

    TO: Jason W. Ellis

    FROM: Albert Hemmings

    DATE: November 18, 2015

    SUBJECT: “Developing Effective Marketing Materials: Brochure Design Considerations,”

    According to the article, if a business wants to market themselves brochures can be a very helpful way to do that. They are a great way to grab the attention of consumers and they can provide a collection of useful information. Headlines should promote consumer benefits, the subheading should be used to draw the reader in and the body should be short descriptive paragraphs. When laying out the format for a brochure, it is good to use “The Rule of Thirds”. Divide the page into thirds both vertically and horizontally. Areas where the lines cross are excellent points on your page for important visual elements such as a headline or image.

  9. Christopher Navarrete

    TO: Jason W. Ellis
    FROM: Christopher Navarrete
    DATE: November 18, 2015
    SUBJECT: Marketing Materials

    Amy D. Ladd of the Center for Profitable Agriculture discusses how to develop an effective brochure that attracts attention, provides information, and promotes a certain product or service. According to Ladd, brochures can be a “vital communication tool” for businesses as it is generally used to influence potential customers and remind existing customers of what is being sold.

    Before creating a brochure, one must ask themselves about the primary purpose, primary benefit, secondary benefit, target audience, and audience reaction of the document as these questions help create a functional strategy. A functional strategy forms an understanding of what the brochure will be about.

    Afterwards, useful information such as the description of the discussed product/service, description of the company, and contact information should be collected and placed in the brochure. It is recommended to create a draft with this information on a folded sheet of paper so that it represents the layout of the brochure, which will cause less difficulty later on.

    Finally, Ladd discusses how to create a brochure as she informs readers of its six sections. Perhaps the most important section is the outside front cover as it is used to attract attention with its headline and visuals. The other important section is the inside front cover, which gives a quick summary of the business, product/service, and customer benefits.

  10. valentina

    TO: Dr. Jason Ellis

    FROM: Valentina Pineda

    DATE: November 18, 2015

    SUBJECT: “Developing Effective Marketing Materials: Brochure Design ” summary

    This article explains how advertising by the means of a brochure is a highly effective way of promoting your product. Brochures are great because they usually have a longer shelf life than that of other marketing materials used for advertising. When writing a brochure it is important to focus on a specific audience but it can also be used to remind existing customers about your company and its innovations as well as attracting new customers. The information chosen to write a brochure should always reinforce the advertising of your product. It is a good idea to include information such as innovative new features and things that highlight your product out of the bunch from other competitors. It is also vital to choose great pictures which showcase your product in an attractive and high quality manner. To conclude a brochure can be a highly effective tool as it can serve three purposes: attract attention, provide information or promoting a product and servicing to a larger target audience while motivating them to take action.

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