Beginning of Class Writing: Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Occupational Outlook to 2020.”

During the first ten minutes of class, write your summary memo of today’s reading: “Occupational Outlook to 2020,” (read introduction on page 1-2, read section related to your major in Occupational Groups beginning on page 88, and read pages 99-108). Focus on the general information about the job market outlook presented in this report and its specific prognostications about your future career. Post your response memo as a comment on this blog post.

8 thoughts on “Beginning of Class Writing: Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Occupational Outlook to 2020.”

  1. Naveeda Akhtar

    TO: Dr. Jason Ellis

    FROM: Naveeda Akhtar

    DATE: October 7, 2015

    SUBJECT: Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Occupational Outlook to 2020.”

    Out of Table 1 on page 89 of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Occupational Outlook to 2020,” by C. Brett Lockard and Michael Wolf, I saw the Occupational employment projections

    to 2020. Since my major that I will be pursuing is Nursing, that would be in the healthcare support occupations or the healthcare practitioners and technical occupations. I realized that in the future from 2010- 2020 and onward, the employment rate will be going up: healthcare support occupations- 2006 (3,723.5), 2010 (4,190.0), and 2020 (5,633.7); healthcare practitioners and technical occupations- 2006 (7,197.6), 2010 (7,799.3), and 2020 (9,819.0). I also saw that the changes made so far, as well as the projected changes for the future have significantly gone up as well.

  2. George Gordon

    To: Jason W. Ellis
    From: George Gordon
    Date: October 7th, 2015
    Subject: Occupational Outlook to 2020

    This article discusses the statistics that the Bureau of Labor Statistics has made revolving around the openings and growth of the job market. According to them, from 2010-2020 there will be millions of job openings. For some jobs, due to their growth, many new openings will be available. For others, most openings will come from people retiring or switching careers. Education is also a factor in the job market as different jobs will require different types of degrees, like doctoral degrees or High school diplomas or training one must do which will affect the salary one makes. For on the job training, there is varying degrees of training such as internships and long to short on the job training. For me, the media and communication work will see a growth rate of 12.6 percent.

  3. kary

    TO: Dr. Ellis

    FROM: Kary Martinez

    DATE: October 7, 2015

    “ Occupational Employment “ informs the reader about employment within different fields from 2010-2020. Providing charts, statistics and facts to support evidence in the different fields where the employment might decrease or decrease in the next few years. This article can be very helpful when preparing to find employment to find out what you might be facing in the future. After reading this I was informed about the career I am going for, which is likely to increase in employment in the next 2 years. However nothing is certain but the Information that is given is something that could actually consider for when choosing a career or other options that you might want look into.

  4. Natasha95

    To: Prof J Ellis

    From:Narayani Armstrong

    Date:October 07, 2015

    Subject:occupational Employment

    There are many job opportunities in the job field. Some of which you have to earn a college degree for. The medical field is one of the few employment places that is always constantly growing. In each field of jobs their are up and downs. So that why we will have to research the job before taking the degree. We have to be able to see if their will be a job available when i graduate in the study of field. Most jobs like Accounting and Architect are some which are a lower calling for, knowing nowadays that the seeking for computer networks are all rising we can do things thru computer rather than by hand. Making jobs not much available in that field.

  5. reazul20

    TO: Prof. Ellis
    FROM: Reazul Hassan
    DATE: 10/7/2015
    SUBJECT: Occupational Outlook to 2020

    The article is about the projection of job market over the course of the next 5 years. The projections are based on the consumerism and the demand of the public. It has been projected that job of the healthcare industry will rise. The healthcare technicians and informaticist will be on the rise because it’s relative to computer science. The reason for this increase is because everything is being digitized. The healthcare industry is using database to store records of patients and other important files. It has been projected that the job growth will be of about 3.5 million new jobs in that field of work, that’s about 22 percent increase in the computer and mathematical occupations.

  6. valentina

    TO: Dr. Jason Ellis

    FROM: Valentina Pineda

    DATE: October 7, 2015

    SUBJECT: “Occupational Employment Projections to 2020” Summary

    This article talks about the expected job growth or decline for specific careers and what factors affect these numbers.The bureau of labor and statistics produces these long terms projections to be able to supply those who seek jobs on how the labor market is changing.This article has detailed descriptions of over 500 specific occupations. Healthcare professional occupation are expected to grow tremendously over the years up to 2020, this can be accounted to the older population of the country increasing and therefore needing more healthcare services. My career is one of these growing healthcare services professionals which looks to improve the delivery of healthcare in many different ways. My career falls into Healthcare services, as I will be a Biomedical Informaticist. The projected job growth for Biomedical Engineers from 2010 to 2020 is about 61.7 percent.

  7. Christopher Navarrete

    TO: Jason W. Ellis
    FROM: Christopher Navarrete
    DATE: October 5, 2015
    SUBJECT: “Occupational Outlook to 2020”

    This document discusses how the job market will be in 2020 based on numbers given by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. From these statistics, it can be seen that several careers will have a high percentage of employment as there will be millions of job openings for them by 2020. For example, my major, professional and technical writing, will have a job employment rate of about 115 percent. This gives me a bit of hope for the next couple of years. However it should be noted that these numbers are educated guesses and should not be taken to heart.

  8. Yulduz Saidinova

    TO: Dr. Jason W. Ellis

    FROM: Yulduz Saidinova

    DATE: October 7, 2015

    SUBJECT: Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Occupational Outlook to 2020.”

    This article was very important for whoever is trying to see the future works of their majors. It has information about some job fields and if they will improve or not by year 2020. It has charts and also has information based on statistics. I am in Biomedical Informatics major and from the table on pg 89 it will be on field of health care practitioners and technical occupations. From the table I can say that by 2020 year job rate will increase 25.9 percent. It is actually a good change. Also healthcare support occupations will increase 34.5 percent by 2020. From the table these two fields has the highest increase by 2020. This is really good because medical fields they should grow and never fall behind. Because it is one of the most important field for human life. Also this change is good for me as well because by the time I finish my masters degree finding a job will be not that hard.

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