Project 2, APA Resources and Other Reminders

Even though we’ve gone over these resources extensively during class and there are links on the syllabus, I wanted to provide plenty of coverage of APA resources that you will need to read, follow, and apply to your second major project.

Purdue OWL APA Guide

Purdue OWL APA Sample Paper

Other things to remember:

Your research paper should address these four points as part of your discussion: history of the term, debates about the term, the meaning of the term, and uses/examples of the term.

Your conclusion should not simply repeat what you have already presented to the reader. Instead, use the conclusion to answer the question: so what? These are some questions that might help you focus your response to “so what”: Why is this research important to understanding the term? What present or future directions do you see based on your research? How might the field change in relation to the topic that you have research? Why is this topic important?

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