Project 2, Possible Research Topics Memo

To begin Project 2 (which is described on the Syllabus page linked above), I would like you to prepare a brief memo and turn it as a comment made to this blog post by the end of class.

Your memo should begin with a memo header, have a one sentence description of its purpose in your own words, and five bullet points of information. The information that you will put into the bullet points includes: a term, word, acronym, phrase, or topic related to your future career that you would like to make the focus of your research project. After the topic, write at least a sentence explaining why you want to research this particular topic. Be specific and descriptive. Each bullet point is a different, possible topic for your research paper for a total of five possible topics for your research essay. You may write more than a sentence per bullet point.

We will discuss these during class next week, so be prepared to read these to the class and think about which topic among the five you write about you want to research the most.

Some other things to consider: Is the topic too broad, meaning that there is too much information to research for your paper? Is the topic too narrow, meaning that there is not enough information to research for your paper?

10 thoughts on “Project 2, Possible Research Topics Memo

  1. Edwin

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Edwin Alexis Arriaza
    DATE: March 22, 2017
    SUBJECT: Project 2, Ideas for research paper

    This memo is to elaborate on five topics that correlate to my future, and what I may write my research paper on.

    •Innovation: Having creative solutions to address concerns will interest and inspire many.
    •Automation: Writing a code or constructing hardware that can provide a seamless way to get things done is valuable.
    •Design: User friendly designs are crucial to the success of both hardware and software.
    •Data: Data can be used to make decisions to improve an organization based on trends.
    •Adaptability: Adjusting or considering new technology can help an organization increase productivity.

  2. ajahneikj

    To: Professor Ellis
    From: Ajahneik Jackson
    Date : March 22, 2017
    Subject: Possible Research Topics

    Below i have listed five possible topics for my up and coming research paper.

    The Womanist Theory: Its effects on the African American female community, how it came about, and the benefits it offers as a whole to both African American men and women.

    The Alkaline Diet: Curing mental , physical, and incurable sexually transmitted diseases through food.

    Police Brutality: How officers have brought about the public genocide of African American men.

    Roe V. Wade: abortions and a woman’s right to make a choice.

    African Americans: How they ignore the signs of mental issues.

  3. Destiny Ramos

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Destiny Ramos
    DATE: March 22, 2017
    SUBJECT: Project 2, Possible Research Topics Memo

    The purpose of this memo is to find out more information about writing as a hobby and a major and how I can expand it into teaching and recreation.

    -Creative Writing: This is something more as a hobby where I can create short stories or novels.
    -Journalism: I want to know how to properly address current events and other media based information. This comes from funny reviews on politics and from video game based articles that do reviews on games and systems or interview people.
    -Writing as an English Teacher: I want to know how I can take something I enjoy as a hobby and bring it into the classroom being that I am a teacher. I know that creative writing brings out a person’s imagination but I want to know how to make it into a lesson plan without my students realizing that it’s a lesson.
    -Professional Writing: How much labor goes into being an editor?
    -Working in an office as an editor v.s. Working at home as an editor: Is the workload the same/stress the same?

  4. Iliane Soriano

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Iliane Soriano
    DATE: March 22, 2017
    SUBJECT: Project 2, Possible Topic Memo

    This memo provides five possible topics for my Project 2 Research Paper.

    ChIP-sequencing. ChIP-sequencing is a method used to determine protein interactions with DNA and finding out more about Chip-sequencing would benefit me in my upcoming internship.

    Pharmacovigilance. A term I’m unfamiliar with but, reading into it Pharmacovigilance is the monitoring of the effects of drugs after have been approved for use. There is a Biomedical Informatics perspective to it and this could be useful to me and my future studies.

    Biomedical Informatics for assessing plasticity and repair in spinal injury. I would like to research this because it is good for me to know how Biomedical Informatics can be used to assess plasticity and repair spinal injury.

    Next generation sequencing and other high-throughput experimental techniques. The new technology that is available to use in Biomedical Informatics Research is necessary for me to know. As new machines are continuously available, knowing what they are and the techniques used is essential.

    The contribution of Biomedical Informatics to one’s health. I like to be able to help people and knowing that Biomedical Informatics has made great contributions to people’s health would be great.

  5. Lauren

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Lauren Brewster
    DATE: March 22, 2017
    SUBJECT: Project 2, Possible Topic Memo

    This memo provides five possible topics for my Project 2 Research Paper.

    User Interface (UI) Design. I am interested in User Interface design because if I want to become a mobile app developer it will be important to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible.
    Front-end Development. Front-end development tools are focused on the user interface and user experience. These tools will be important in creating mobile apps.
    Back-end Servers. Back-end tools pick up where the front-end tools leave off, and provide a set of reusable services that are centrally managed. This will also be important when creating mobile applications.
    Service Oriented Architecture. The basic principles of service oriented architecture are independent of vendors, products and technologies.
    Mobile Application Testing. Mobile applications are first tested within the development environment using emulators and later subjected to field testing. Emulators provide an inexpensive way to test applications on mobile phones to which developers may not have physical access. Testing is a very important step once you complete your mobile app.

  6. Abdulla Attareb

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Abdulla Attareb
    DATE: March 22, 2017
    SUBJECT: Project 2, Possible Topic Memo

    This memo provides five possible topics for my Project 2 Research Paper.

    LEED certification. This certification is a growing movement in my career path of building design.
    CFD ( Computational Fluid Dynamics). CFD is applied in almost all the thermal systems, this even includes the study and analysis of blood flow in our human body.
    Frictionless Compressor. Compressors play a huge role HVAC design, so I want to know more on how it can make HVAC systems more efficient.
    Engine Heat Transfer Analysis. I’m making a formula one go kart and knowledge of this would be good to have an understanding of.
    High Efficient Intensive Cooling Control Technology. Again, cooling control also plays a huge role in HVAC design. So the more knowledge the better.


    To : Professor Ellis
    From: Ernso Moise
    Date: 03/22/17
    Subject: Project 2 Possible Topic Memo

    Seniors and retirement.

    I want to write about seniors and the retirement process because everyday I am witness of how difficult it is for them to cope with many aspects of their life. As a human services student, i am passionate about how that I can help them at a time when they should be celebrating their accomplishments.

    Retirement. I want to write about retirement because seniors don’t understand fully what does that mean to be retired.
    Savings . Many people never save, and this is important when it comes to retirement.
    Health care. Medicare does not cover all seniors medical needs , can they afford to buy more coverage.
    Time management. Some seniors have no clue on what to do after retirement, that can lead to huge medical problem like depression.
    Life expectancy. Many seniors does not want to talk about Will or final preparation, death is a taboo for many, would some mental health seminar be important in helping them understand the process.



  8. Esmeralda V.

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Esmeralda Vizueth
    DATE: March 22, 2017
    SUBJECT: Project 2, Possible Topic Memo

    The purpose of this memo is to provide the reader with 5 topics of my interest for Project 2.

    Computer Security – With the rise of social media, personal information is critical for some people and specially the youth.
    Computer-Assisted Education – Students (specially in high school) should prepare better for college and computers may have the key to a better education.
    Web Development – New businesses and people with creative ideas may need a website to increase their popularity.
    Cryptography – Applies probability, algebra and number theory to invent and break codes for better security..
    Quantum Computing – as a theory it explores computational models involving quantum superposition of bits.

  9. SoJung Jang

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: SoJung Jang
    DATE: March 22, 2017
    SUBJECT: Project 2, Possible Research Topics Memo

    This memo provides five possible topics for my Project 2 Research Paper.

    Educational Psychology. This information may be useful for me to learn more about and comprehend if I wanted to teach English.
    Communicative Language Teaching. I would like to learn more about this topic and find out if it would be an effective way to teach English as a second language.
    Foreign Language Anxiety. I would like to research this topic in more detail and learn about ways to overcome it which would be helpful to me when teaching English as a foreign language.
    Translation Services. This topic will be useful to do research on if I wanted to pursue my career as a technical writer in Korea.
    Intercultural Communication. Research on communications across different cultures or how culture may affect communication might be useful to know if I plan on teaching a second language abroad.
    Technical Communication. Learning more about this may help me grow as a technical writer and broaden my choices in selecting a career as a technical writer.

  10. Danny Hsu (Chia Hao)

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Chia Hao Hsu
    DATE: March 22, 2017
    SUBJECT: Project 2, Possible Topic Memo

    This memo provides five possible topics for my Project 2 Research Paper.

    3D Printing. The field of 3D printing is relatively new compared to other types of manufacturing but it has the potential to become the future of how everything will be made. The possibility of 3D printing is endless and I am interested to explore on that.

    Mechatronic & Robotics. I want to research this topic because it is mainly what I wanted to focus on for my future career. I believe there a lot of growth potential for this field in the future.

    LEED. This is a topic that is starting to become important because it touches upon design focus on the environment and sustainable energy.

    Computer numerical control (CNC). This is not really a new technology but I believe it is a growing field for the future of manufacturing.

    Industrial Design. A product focused design for our daily life.

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